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Victims Villains or heroes? Essay

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In Bladerunner and Cuckoos Nest Men can only Dubbed as victims, villains or heroes or a mixture of the three. Although all the male characters throughout the film and novel can be slotted into one or more of these attributes only the most significant characters for each of the attributes will be mentioned in detail. The ways in which the characters are presented not only comes through the character themselves but also through the use of literary techniques and in Bladerunner’s case, film techniques such as lighting sound and camera angles.

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J. F. Sebastian and Billy Bibbit are the two main victims in the film and novel.

J. F. like Billy is victimised by something that effect him physically, his disease where he ages to fast which in turn stops him from going to the off world making him stay on earth with the rest of society’s outcasts. Billy also shows these characteristics that Sebastian has as Billy is also excluded from society due to the physical fault that he has his stutter, this also effects Billy’s way with women and at Billy’s age being a virgin due to this just makes him even more of an outcast as it is an unlikely situation that you’d be a virgin at his age.

Another way that these characters are victimised is through appearance, Billy looks younger than he really is, I turn excluding him from being normal and ironically Sebastian, as mentioned, ages quicker. From the novel and film it can be said that victims are prone to betray people as it seems to be the only that a victim can have is through betrayal. This is made obvious in Cuckoo’s Nest when Billy betrays McMurphy towards the end of the story, turning him in to Ratched. The other victim, Sebastian betrays Tyrell by letting Roy into Tyrrell’s building and in turn J. F.

dies which is ironic as Billy also dies due to his betrayal. Although not your typical story-tale hero, Deckard is much like the classic film-noir hero, where there is less emphasis on the villain than the moral status of the main character. Deckard, like McMurphy can be considered to be anti-hero, for example, Deckard doesn’t want to fit into society; he does this by saying that he cant speak city-speak and the only reason that he accepts the job of Bladerunner, which in turn makes him an involuntary hero, is to further distance himself from society by going to the ward.

Other examples of Deckard being an anti-hero is when he shoots Zhora in the back when she runs away and though he is supposed to shoot her as it is apart of his job, he feels bad when he does which in turn enhances his stature of the anti-hero. Also the only the only people that Deckard kills in the film are women, normally this would be considered morally wrong as women are said to be the weaker sex, but in Deckard’s case it is almost considered okay as he is the hero and he’s just doing his job, even though at heart he doesn’t agree with it.

McMurphy’s antihero characteristics are of a different nature for McMurphy is a hero, but could be considered to be like a Ned Kelly kind of character, for although he is actually a bad guy because of the things that he does are leagally wrong, we create an empathy for him because he is helping because he is helping out the weak minority and as Harding puts it, “he would hate to be called a good man. ” As a result of all the points covered it can be assumed that the role of men throughout the novel and film can only be fitted into the following characterisations, victims, villains or heroes.

Subsequently it can also be said although men may appear to have different characteristics these characteristics can be traced to either being a victim, villain or hero. Also it can be assumed that although the men are fitted into these attributes, it is not the only attribute that they may possess. Jack Batty PES English Dr. Strangeways 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Ken Kesey section.

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