Very Important Person (College Essay) Essay

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Very Important Person (College Essay)

I hung up the phone after fighting with my biological father. When I opened my bedroom door, my dad stood smiling, opened his arms wide, and held me tightly as I cried. Without asking questions, he read my face and knew exactly what I needed. Though he has only been my step-dad for eleven years, he has made a difference that will last. He doesn’t have any children of his own, but whenever he is asked if he does, he says yes, that he has two wonderful daughters, my sister and me.

Over the years, my dad has shown me the meaning of being an honest person. Honesty and truth are essential to him which is why he has never once told me a lie or broken a promise. I will never forget the reaction my dad had when I lied to him for the first time. He did not have a full conversation with me for two whole days. At the end of the second day, he came to me and expressed how serious he considers lying, and how he will always expect the truth from me because I will always get it from him. From that point on, total honesty has been the foundation of our relationship. His honesty has also taught me the significance of giving someone my word and abiding by it. Whenever my dad tells me that he is going to do something, whether it’s take me to the movies or show up at my field hockey game, I can count on him because he has never given me any reason to doubt what he says or does. Having such a positive influence has helped me to become a stronger and more trustworthy person.

My dad goes out of his way to connect with me. Over the summer, when I was having an extremely difficult time with my father, my dad proved his love and dedication to me. While I was in tears, he sat me down and proposed the best idea: He put my hands in his and asked me if I would like him to adopt me. The constant pain my father put me through hurt him, and he wanted to do everything he could to make life easier for me. His love overpowers my father’s hatred and makes me feel cherished and understood.

My dad has also nurtured me and stuck by my side during tough times in my life. All the times I struggled with the hurtful words said by my father, my dad would be right next to me telling me I was a better person and I deserved more than anyone could ever give me. When I would come home from school after having a bad day, he would always demonstrate his love by holding me. I wouldn’t even have to ask for a hug or for his support because he would know when to tell me that tomorrow would be a new day. His nurturing spirit has left a mark on me and I can only hope to be as great of a parent as he is someday for my own children.

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