Venice region Essay

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Venice region

An American archeologist who studies the history of Venice suggested a multi-billion dollar floodgate to be built to save the city from rising waters knowing that science often rest on chance discovery. A 10 feet deep and more than 30 feet wide pit has been dug next to an ancient Basilica. It was below sea level and to keep it from filling with water, a pump was put in it. In that dug, a stone walk dated around second century lay. It is one of the oldest sign of human habitation in the Vatican archipelago.

The lost world artifacts would let Dr. Ammerman and his colleagues to estimate the past of the city. It is also important in determining the rate of past and future subsidence of the city. With their findings, it is planned to propose a floodgate that will keep the city from disappearing into the sea. The structures will cost from $2 billion to $4 billion composing of 79 mobile floodgates. Everyday, the tide goes up to 3 feet. The tide on 1966 caused wide damage and economic losses. Tidal surges that are driven by heavy rains, winter weather patterns and southerly winds that blow Adriatic water northward caused the said destruction.

Corrosive sea salt weakens the red bricks of the ground floor of the many old buildings. Some doors are rotten because of past flooding. Raised walkways are set in winter floods and some tour books suggest a high boots. On the other hand, many are the cause of Venice’s subsidence; local industries pumping of water from beneath the Venice region, the oxidation of peat that forms as part of the substrate, the compaction of spongy sediments caused by the weight of buildings.

From time to time the rates of subsidence become bigger. This is due to the rate of growing population; in what way? Population is growing not linearly but in a parabolic manner, in that case the rate of weight the underlying soil is carrying is also increasing and so with the rate of water needs. Weathering also contributes to the sinking of the city. Rocks beneath are exposed to chemical weathering due to the chemicals that human thrown. Mechanical weathering on the other hand plays smaller role than chemical weathering.

Also, the melting of the ice due to global warming causes the sea level to raise thus making Venice sink. Many plans are proposed on the case of Venice. What I can suggest to prevent the city from sinking is to nourish the city with a harder material that will serve as a foundation at the bottom. Also floodgates will help, and, the population, quantity of tourist, and the building construction should be controlled and above all control the cause of global warming. In this way the city’s beauty will be preserved.

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