Veneration Without Understanding Our National Hero Rizal

Constantino describes the shallow knowledge of Filipinos about Rizal and Nationalism. Because of the developing time and world, many Filipinos do not have enough knowledge and knowings about it. They are not aware of what the history has brought us. A little thankful that I will know, where is my part of being a Filipino now. I think that everyone should be aware of this article because it will help us a lot on how we will measure our nationalism. All of us know the meaning of it, but seldom know the true interpretation of it.

A little sad that we don’t know what will happen if through the years will be the same. I’ve just wondered about what he concentrated, our “forgotten” history. Because of this, we are continuing losing and losing our sense of identity, our “being Filipinos”, and Filipinos as one.  Among those who conquered us was just a true reason why we are now. Different styles on how they treated us made ourselves different that resulted to a trouble in terms of finding our identity.

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This is a big issue to us because others think it is not.

Because I believe, those people who criticize it immediately are the one who’s Constantino pulled his thoughts. But what about the controversy of Rizal’s heroism? Do we, Filipinos, know or even mind these things? Maybe this question can test us either we still know our points of origins. Most of the Filipinos didn’t know about this until they entered the Rizal course.

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Most of the people, I guess, have little to none at all knowledge about this. As what he said, Rizal was an American made sponsored hero, however, it should be clear to all, that Americans did not appoint Rizal to be a national hero, the Americans just paved the way in order for the Filipinos to choose a hero.

Although Americans favored Rizal, still they were not the ones to appoint him. They just supported Rizal. I think it is some true but until now I am on the middle emotions on what will I feel. Maybe as a student taking the Rizal’s course, it’s a bit confusing on how we’ll analyze different ideas of people and how the interpretation follows.

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Veneration Without Understanding Our National Hero Rizal

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