Vending machines in schools … … … … Debate Summary- The struggle to keep kids healthy has actually taken spotlight in schools across the nation. Lots of schools are taking a hard take a look at their school lunch programs and vending devices. They are trying to cut down on unnecessary fat and calories and to include more healthful components rather.

Point Thesis- I’m point and my thesis is The federal government must not have a say in weather condition to keep vending machines in school It must be the students descion and duty on utilizing the vending makers on an everyday basis.

Counter-Point Thesis-I’m counter point and my thesis is thesis is that the government should regulate beverages and treats offered in schools to prevent weight problems. Point realities-.

Vending devices are utilized to sell not just the edibles, however also to make payments for school programs, computer systems, after school activities, etc. Yes however Schools can provide nutritious food to the students at affordable prices through the vending machines instead of sugar saturated treats.

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Some schools are attempting to promote the sale of nutritious foods like yogurt, pita fries, soy nuts, string, carrots with dips, dried fruits, and flavored milk through the vending devices.. 3) Most students participate in after school actives, sports or physical education

Counter-point facts

Yes but most of the money is also contributed to refill vending machines and more American children between 6-18 are overweight due to snacks and drinks sold in schools.

Good point but healthy snacks in vending machines might cause inflation in the machines and might lead no one purchasing healthy items as much as they use to.

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Well obesity is rapidly becoming a big health problem infact school sport teams collapsed in 2009 due to obessed children and vending machines.

Point conclusion

With all these arguments in favor of the use of vending machines, one would not find them harmful at all. Infact vending machines should me allowed in schools all over the us kids should have a say on what they choose for lunch. Morgan has a very good point in this debate but unhealthy snacks and drinks is very bad for society the school students and staff.

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