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Vaules and Principles That Underpin the Childcare Sector

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (899 words)
Categories: Child, Childhood, Culture, Family, Society
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The values and principles that underpin the childcare sector work along side the laws, rules and regulations that I follow in my everyday work at my setting. They govern things such as how many children can attend my setting, how many staff I have working each day, making sure that the children’s wants and needs are met and that they are always the main focus of any planning I do. For myself it means that I have to always make sure that I keep myself up to date with any changes in these laws and regulations and that I keep myself up to date with any training so I can always provide the best possible care I can.

When planning I try to use many different curriculum’s but always making sure that they are flexible and is based upon the values which nurture and encourage the children as individuals. The main framework I follow is based on the foundation phase covering seven different areas these are • Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity.

• Language, literacy and communication Skills. • Mathematical Development. • Knowledge and Understanding of the World. • Physical Development. • Creative Development. • Welsh Language Development

Each of these areas allow me to make sure that every child is cared for according to their individual needs as well as the needs of the group, also they are used in the nursery setting in which most of my child will attend, I find that this helps them make an easier transition between the settings. These values and principles are implemented in my setting by us being registered with the CSSIW whose regulations we follow and they come and inspect the setting every three years. We treat each child as an individual and meet each of their needs as such.

I work by using praise as a way of making the child understand when they have done something that they should feel proud of, this helps build up their self esteem. Each child has a chance of free play daily, this allows them to move around the setting playing with what and who they want, helping them to learn how to socialise with their peers. When planning for the group I always try to include different cultures and abilities meaning that individuality, difference and diversity are valued and celebrated, I do this through offering healthy nacks from different countries and craft sessions. Everything in the setting is age appropriate and is checked daily for wear and tear. The staff and I are all CRB checked, trained in child protection, and first aid. Any issues are talked about daily in the session and at planned staff meetings, this gives me the chance to update staff on any changes to procedures and policies and any information they need to know about the children.

All of this means that we can reflect on our practice and continue to share our knowledge and in order to enrich the experience of the children. The sharing information policies and procedures have been developed over time using the values and principles of the childcare sector, the policies that I use in my setting have been developed using the CSSIW regulations that also use these same values and principles.

With Serious Case Reviews and the introduction of updated laws and regulations the importance of information sharing has become a much higher priority, and the importance of knowing what and how to share information with other professionals is vital. The Data Protection Act helps me identifies the ways in which I must handle all information on the children and staff that attend the setting such as keeping it secure, and not passing on any information without permission of that child’s parent or a member of staff .

I Know that the policies and procedures are working to a high standard in my setting and that my staff know how to deal with information they are given, we have just had an inspection with the CSSIW in which there were no significant issues of non compliance to report, the inspector examined the setting and has happy with the storage of records and happy with the training that the staff had received regarding the setting such as child protection.

The groups committee are available if any issues need to be sorted and that they are happy with the group, the committee I currently have, have been in place for a number of years. The staff are also very good on coming to me in they see an area in which we could improve or if they are worried about something, any issues that concern the setting as a whole we will sit and discus as a team, to make sure that everyone is up to date and happy.

Following our inspection I have made a few changes to the setting such as putting up staff photos on the parents notice board allowing them to know who to speak to if they have any queries or concerns. Also I hand out questionnaires to both staff and parents so I can evaluate the group to make sure we are offering the best service we can, the questions were before closed questions that only required a yes or no answer this has know changed so if a parent or staff member wishes to add any ideas or worries they can.

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