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vanthuku Essay

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The old man answered in a low voice. “I took care of your teaching from a very young age.”

She nodded.

“I’ve never seen so much attraction for a spirit. It could destroy you … “

“He won’t” he could hide the excitement from anyone, but not him. He could not observe it.

“To evoke a tarahak from such a spirit …” he thought of the Black Circle, “I could do it first,” he said, “to see what happens. Avoid a danger “.

She smiled. “I can see it. Would you succeed? “

Zeddicus did not answer. He tilted his head almost to touch his chest with his chin.

“Better offended than destroyed” she had changed in self-understanding, “but you’ll see it. I will forge the tarahak in the form of the spirit; no one will be able to dominate it or try to do it ».

“You speak of the resistance of the enemies …” he replied, “or are you also referring to the presumption of Tharya?”

“Both,” he shook his head slowly.

“He is the strongest among us, but he does not possess pure magic. He can only hold Adityagit in the Circle when I am exhausted. “

They arrived two hundred paces from the village. External walls six steps high and large torches placed on the south side, at the entrance of a small door. The interior was not visible from their position, but the faint amber light revealed that not everyone was asleep.

“Will we take them by surprise?” Zeddicus still spoke in a low voice, with more concern than curiosity.

She was staring at the village. “We need allies not a massacre. We will only kill the faithful ».

The old man seemed to agree.

“Put down the Circle,” he ordered the two. “We will attack from here.”

He looked again at the walls of Darihat, then Luca spoke to Segar beside her. “Light all the torches.”

The delicate tone seemed to want to erase the bitterness of the last few hours, but it could not produce such an effect. Not against the reflexive necromancer.

“My lady …” he answered with the sound of a prayer, “they will see us”.

She nodded.

“They’ll get the dragons out,” he insisted and pointed to the cold brazier. “What trapped spirit obscures your mind?”

The silence of the exiles became a buzz with the old man’s words. Only Tharya and Thelth remained calm, but fearing that someone wanted to destroy the Black Circle.

“Before freeing the dragons, they will attack with the archers” Segar pointed to the walls. “The torches reveal it on the only reachable side”.

The whispering of the necromancers increased.

“No, they won’t get to hit us,” she answered in the light of Tyvir over her. “I’ll stop all resistance and kill the dragons. And the splendour of a new fear will convince them to abandon that for Monjekeros ».

No answer, but Stefano anticipated the task entrusted to Segar. There were not many torches, a dozen, he took them from one of the small carts carried by hand and gave them to the only necromancers from R?diul. Except one, which he handed to Ek?ik?

“Ek?ik of Brih?th,” he told him, “I am sure you will know how to use the evocation of fire in your northern village.”

He said nothing, grabbed the torch.

“Luca Augusten of R?diul is our guide,” continued Stefano, “the bearer of pure magic. You never asked for obedience, but trust ».

And this was asked of him, a gesture of trust. He took a breath and clenched his free fist from the torch, then opened it again. A flame the size of a walnut flared from the palm and slid like a drop on the torch, then two more. The fire did not burn the skin, lit the first torch and that of Stefano, who in turn lit another ten. They stared at them, four steps ahead of the sixty exiles.

“Seeing him will convince many” Segar spoke to her in such a low voice that he almost had the doubt that he would not be heard. “But you, Luca …”

“It will serve against the distrust of my mentor. I need you more than any other ».

The old man’s eyes became moist. They did not disclose whether due to shame or lights against Darihat.

A few moments and the silence of the plateau was broken by the noise. Screams, the whistling of arrows. The sky lit by the flames thrown by the archers.


The cries of the exiles lasted a long time to observe the fiery lights and the village darken.

Luca summoned the tarahak.

A black mass absorbed part of the land and the darts against them, rose for fifty paces and took the form of a dragon. Rocks, dust, flames nourished by the spirit, Adityagit. He immobilized the attack from the village and a desperate defense emerged from the small door.

Three dragons. Black and green scales against the lights from the walls and from the tarah?k, which advanced against. Sharp cries from the jaws and the rush side by side, just behind a group of eating me. There was no real battle.

A breath, the tarahak of rock and flame less than a hundred paces from the village. He crushed the dragons, the eaten worms, a few tarahaks evoked by the faithful, tore the walls of the south side. He stopped and the exiles appeared behind him.

“The strength of the village of R?diul has set you free!” Thelth screamed and puffed out his chest “And the same force will kill Monjekeros and his faithful!”

The men of Darihat, illuminated by the great torches and by the tarahak to dominate them, recognized the shape of a dragon. They stood still. At the gesture of an elder they threw bows, old spears, axes, the tarahats crumbled. A group of nine, the elders, advanced a few steps from the R?diul giant.

“Are you the evocator of this strength?” Spoke the same old man who had disarmed the village.

Theriagah turned around. In the light she appeared so tired as to imagine she could faint from one moment to the next, perhaps die. He saw her approaching. “It’s not me”.

“Who among you is faithful to Monjekeros?” Luca’s voice was weak, the appearance inconsistent with the leather-skinned giant, but he made the majors startle.

“We were,” the elder replied. “Darihat has always been the least considered village in Bothuku, but the last one fell to the dragons and the beast men of his army”.

The other eight nodded.

“Will you fight him?” Luca trembled with fatigue.

“After seeing him …” the old man’s voice rose up, he observed the dragon’s tarahak.

At the same time the tarahak broke. The rocks fell not far from the walls, the flames of the arrows went out, the dust passed through the village like a sandstorm. The men covered their faces.

In abandoning the spirit of Adityagit, Luca regained some of the forces. The first thought was to understand if Tharya could hold him in the Circle, he reasoned to charge others with the same difficult task. The ancient spirit would have become more ferocious with each evocation and attempted to rebel with ever-increasing force.

The nine greater of Darihat moved on her.

“Stop” Theriagah also advanced. “We can still summon it and destroy the whole village.”

“You don’t have to …” the older one replied, “and you can’t do that.” he pointed to Luca without strength.

The giant prepared to summon a tarahak and the rest of the exiles followed suit.

“I already said you shouldn’t,” he stopped him again. “You will have the covenant of Darih?t”.

Thelth turned to Luca. “Is that so?”

She could observe the truth in men, pure magic allowed her to do so. He read the hatred towards Monjekeros and the hope of freeing Bothuku. He nodded.

“My name is Dhirj?n Hi’ph?k and I am in charge of the majors.”

“You’re still nine …” she replied.

“Monjekeros did not consider us dangerous,” the old man frowned at her. “Like the rest of the red lands he never sought an alliance against him.”

“R?diul was one of the first villages to fall, and only one of his elders still alive,” he pointed to S?rygar. “I am Luca of the Huaasthyr family and I will restore the order bent by the tyrant”.

Dhirjan observed the necromancer closer to his age, bowed his head. “You understood how difficult it is for her.”

Zeddicus nodded. “She is the only one capable of doing it, she is the bearer of pure magic”.

“Pure magic …” he repeated to the eight elders, “it is a miracle that has come down to us”.

Luca shook his head. “No, it’s just strength.”

Thelth smiled at irreverence, he knew to be unnatural. The rules prevented any lack of respect for a major, but she didn’t seem to remember it. The thought moved to the Black Circle, to what it trapped.

“So much security comes from the profound knowledge of our laws, from the power you are able to bear … for so little time” Dhirj?n bowed slightly to her and the rest of the exiles, stared at Segar.

“You will lead us to freedom,” said the old R?diul. “You saw it.”

“I saw,” said Dhirj?n. “He killed three dragons and a handful of me to eat. What will happen against your army? “

“I will destroy it.”

Dhirj?n shook his head. “You won’t be able to do it if he decides to send more dragons, more eats me and loyal than you can crush in a few minutes.”

The whole group of exiles feared the truth. No reply. Confidence in that terrible power – in the strongest tarah?k ever evoked – suddenly faltered.

“I just need time to check it.”

Dhirjan observed the power-swept walls, the rocks that had composed the tarahak. He felt the stink of worm-eaten crushed and some exiled in the rear retrieve the head of a dead dragon. They would offer it to the spirits of their dead. He felt the need to believe that that power could save part of what he had lived, but he struggled to believe it was possible. He accepted the only alternative to the slavery of Monjekeros. “You can’t spend it here.”

“I know,” he replied. “All those who have come this way know it.”

“And where?”

“Farther south,” she replied. “Monjekeros will not risk that much.”

Dhirj?n did not seem convinced. “Beyond the great highlands of Erchast is the region of S?irqa?h”.

“It is the only safe place”.

“S?irqa?h …” another major intervened, “we might as well go through the gates and reach Ilphasar.”

Someone seemed to agree and Thelth snorted saliva.

“We’ve already done it” Luca anticipated a rude answer from the giant. “Ilphasar would be much worse.”

Dhirj?n sighed to his majors, to Darihat, to the rubble. “We will follow you,” he said, “but whoever wants to stay can do it. No one will reveal where we are headed ».

She nodded. “How many are you?”

“About six hundred and not more than a hundred necromancers. We fought ».

“And you will do it again” Luca pointed to the south. “Tomorrow at the rise of Becaras we will leave”.

Dhirj?n did not answer and she approached the Black Circle. He knew that every necromancer would follow her, because he needed them to survive.


The dragon imposed on itself the only form of magic he could use; he would not have fulfilled his hope, but expected it to occur.

The mountain would have defended him, hidden and solitary, in sleep similar to death. He closed his eyes. He listened to the sound of time, the memory of the great dragons, their disappearance. He closed his eyes. He forgot the birth, the distances of the world and of the times, the breath.


The dawn lit clouds, rock and snow. Moereri felt the cold like a ringing in his ears, icy gusts falling ten steps, his skin scratched. From the previous day he had stopped only a few minutes and no more than ten times, walking quickly. Increasingly to the north

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