Valuing Watershed and Their Effects on Quality of Life Essay

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Valuing Watershed and Their Effects on Quality of Life

The following results presented in this study talks about the awareness of the people in Albay as to the importance of watershed to them and of Quinali a River Watershed in general. The results of this study will determine on how ordinary Albayanos define and value the importance of a watershed to their lives as a human being. The Quinali Watershed’s contribution to the community in Albay is being highlighted as to its significance to the residence of Albay. The results of this study is also an avenue on how the government and private sectors, even ordinary individuals do their share in protecting and preserving the watershed for a sustainable water supply. A watershed is an area of land that drains rain water or snow into one location such as a stream, lake or wetland. These water bodies supply our drinking water, water for agriculture and manufacturing, offers opportunities for recreation and are habitats to numerous plants and animals.

Unfortunately various forms of pollution, including runoff and erosion, can interfere with the health of the watershed. Therefore it is important to protect the quality of our watershed. It is important for the people to be aware of the events that happen around them, especially the information that concern the source of their potable water. We all live in a watershed…and the flow of water as it crosses the land can be a beautiful part of the way we live. GROWING GREEN COMMUNITIES is committed to educating people about their watershed and the role we can play in protecting and enhancing its health. It is very important to know and have knowledge about watershed for this play important role in our daily living. These features are all important when studying watersheds because watersheds themselves are significant to areas worldwide as people depend on water.

It is the watershed that provides drinking water, as well as water for recreation, irrigation and industrial activities. Watersheds are also significant for plants and animals as they provide food and water. By studying the key watershed features in addition to activities along waterways scientists, other researchers and city governments can work to keep them healthy because a small change in one portion of a watershed can drastically affect other parts. Since most major cities around the world developed along waterways and those that didn’t are still within a watershed, everyday human activities impact watersheds. The most significant however, is the pollution of watersheds.

Watershed pollution occurs in two ways: point source and nonpoint source. Point source pollution is pollution that can be traced to a specific point such as a disposal site or leaking pipe. Recently, laws and technological advances have made it possible to detect point source pollution and its problems are being reduced. Nonpoint source pollution occurs when pollutants are found in water running off of crops, parking lots and other lands. In addition, it can also be caused when particulates in the atmosphere fall onto the land with precipitation. Humans have also impacted watersheds by reducing the amount of water flowing within them. As people take water out of a river for irrigation and other city-wide uses, the river’s flow decreases and with this decreased flow, natural river cycles such as flooding, may not occur. This could in turn hurt ecosystems depending on the river’s natural cycles.

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