Values of Education Essay

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Values of Education

School was always more than just a place to do homework and go to classes for me; it has always been a bit of a social hub. The schools I have been in was always difficult if you don’t not find you very own group of friends. As it was a typical local english school, you find your own group of friends and you would stay in that group for a very long time. It’s able to let you naturally create a good bond between your peers. Of course you won’t be able to be with your friends for the whole time, that’s why we make new ones from different places: history class, sports classes, dance schools etc. I think being able to communicate with your peers allows you to improve your social skills. Being able to associate with different people that all have different personalities is a convenient and vital skill for yourself. It is guaranteed an ability that will support you firmly through your school and future career.

I’ve always thought that even some of the ‘basic social skills’ were for sure learnt by everyone, until I moved to Hong Kong. I was able to witness a whole nation that has a complete different type of culture compared to my old home. What we all might think is ‘normal’ for example: telling someone how old you are; borrowing an equipment from a teacher politely; being able to have a basic conversation with your class mates. This was very different in Hong Kong, because people might not be comfortable talking about your family or what they do in their spare times. Which I think is completely reasonable because people in different countries might think some things are not meant to exposed to your friends. The first year I’ve arrived in Hong Kong, I communicated with many different peers that had difficulties engaging any conversation with me.

As technology has been very developed over the past few years, kids in our generation have been spending far more time on their computers playing videos games etc. This does leads to the consequence of having to have difficulties of interacting with other people. The advantages of having to communicate with faces and the people around is monumental. I believe it’s able to get you better jobs and more opportunities in life. If you are one very successful person, gaining a master degree in university, but you have a lack of social skills and is not able to communicate with people very well. It’s very likely that you will loose the opportunities that you can potentially gain.

I have a strong thought on this because my dad grew up in a family where he was one of the poorest out of the people around him. He was not able to continue his education to high school. He never believed that an education would destine him to become a unsuccessful man. He was able to use the skill of speaking to new faces and recognising the way those people can support him in different ways. Getting to know more people means gaining him more opportunities, and he never really stopped. He has had his difficult times, but he managed to get a grip in his life. I’m not putting myself in a position saying that education is not important, but I believe that being able to communicate in a intelligent method would be the first priority in life or in school. You don’t need a university degree or A* stars to gain a successful life because they are just a red mark on a piece of paper.

My conclusion is, education and knowledge is a very convenient tool. It will give you a boost, but having the skill to recognise faces and pushes yourself forward to the people that are able to help you is a very pivotal key. Personally, I would put having a well developed social mind-set above having a good academic degree. Of course, is what I try to focus on when I am in the school campus.

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