Values for Children Essay

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Values for Children

Values for children is a very broad and controversial topic. There are many, myself included, that believe that our values come from God. I do understand that the same values can be taught without the use of God’s name, but I feel they lose something. Teachers with good values make an impact on students at every level. I know my most influential teacher does. I hope to one day as good of a teacher as she was.

The values that I believe each educator needs to give a child what they most deserve are love and flexibility If a teacher loves her students, she wants to make sure that they are getting everything that they need, such as meals, clothing, and cleanliness. Whether it is from their parents or finding the family the help that they need to provide for the child. Love also gives patience and respect to those students that don’t understand a concept. These are exemplified in the philosophy of St James Preschool Program: PHILOSOPHY… At St.

James Catholic Preschool we will provide a safe, loving atmosphere where children can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, creatively, socially, and spiritually. We will provide opportunities to learn in many different developmentally appropriate ways. We are a Catholic Christian Preschool, and will provide opportunities to learn to appreciate all of God’s creations. We will learn about God through song, prayer, and day-to-day activities. We will strive to instill a positive self-image in each child, and will gently guide him/her in making good choices.

We want your child’s first school experiences to be positive ones, and will always make this our number one priority. From the St. James Preschool Handbook Flexibility, or an ability to go with the flow, is an asset to any teacher, especially when working with young children. Planning your day around little ones is very hard to do. Everything takes longer than normal and if a child has made up their mind not to do something it will take twice as long. Being flexible gives a teacher the ability to see around the problem and make adjustments to the schedule or activities of the day to accommodate the children’s needs.

Mrs. Linda Goesche was my Kindergarten teacher. She was amazing. I was small and young for a kindergartner. She worked with me and my parents to try to get me ready to move on to First Grade, but I just wasn’t ready. She came to my house and met with my parents and I. She did her very best to explain to me why I couldn’t move on with my class. I was very upset by this as most children would be, but by the time I finished my second year of kindergarten I was over it and not struggling to keep up. Actually, I was very blessed, I didn’t struggle much during the rest of my school career.

I believe that Mrs. Goesche’s love for me and all of her students made her an exemplary teacher. I love kids. I didn’t know how much until I started to volunteer at my daughter’s school. I want to make their day better, to teach them something new, and to watch the look of discovery on their faces when they get it. My biggest struggle will come with flexibility. I like to do things on a schedule and get them done so I can move on to the next thing. With children that isn’t an option. You have to move at their pace and do things on their level. I know that I have a lot to learn, but I can’t wait to get started.

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