Values and Society Essay

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Values and Society

Write an essay of about 2000-2500 words on one of the following topics. Try to explain clearly the views and arguments you discuss and your own view of the topic. You should also try to identify the greatest weaknesses of views and arguments you discuss, and whether you think they can be replied to. Be selective. In the space available you will not be able to discuss every aspect of the topic! Select and focus on just a few of the points or issues you think the most central or interesting.

Work hard on expressing points clearly in your own words. Try always to make it clear to the reader which of the views discussed are merely mentioned for the sake of the discussion and which, if any of them, you wish to endorse. Essays should be typed double-spaced, with wide margins. Any standard format is acceptable (APA, MLA, Chicago). Your essay must be researched; two external sources are mandatory. Always keep a copy of an essay you submit. Make sure your name is clearly marked on the essay.

The paper is due on April 2. An extension of the deadline for the term paper may be granted subject to the following conditions: 1. Papers that are late by up to one week (submitted by April 9) will not incur any penalty but they will be given a grade only, without the benefit of comments and suggestions. 2. Papers that are late by up to two weeks will incur a 15% penalty of the highest possible grade. 3. No assignment will be accepted later than two weeks after the deadline 1.

While the Republic takes on a number of philosophical issues, its overt goal is to argue against Thrasymachus’ claim that the life of injustice is more worthwhile than the life of justice. Present Plato’s argument and evaluate its success. In your assessment refer to Plato’s concept of dikaiosune translated into justice or morality, and the way both meanings relate to each other. 2. To many comentators, the theory of Forms is the most distinctive aspect of Plato’s philosophical system.

In what sense does the theory provide answers to the issue of justice Plato seeks to solve in the Republic? Presented as something we need to accept or become convinced about, are Forms helpful to show that justice/morality is desirable in itself and also for its consequences? 3. Plato’s Principle of Specialization has often been found one of the most repulsive features of the Republic. Discuss and critique it, pointing both to how it contributes to the good of the city, and how the virtues of a city revolve around this principle.

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