Value of a university degree Essay

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Value of a university degree

?Even after many years of deep recession, an economy is still recovering and job market is still narrow. Because of this, job seekers mainly teenagers and school leavers, are realizing the value and importance of a university degree. In addition, with large pool of job seekers, having the university degree plays an important role in job application since this is the first attribute that an employer looks for when shortlisting. Therefore, obtaining the university degree is vitally important and has several benefits.

This essay will discuss some of these benefits including better employment opportunities, self-confidence and university experience. Employment opportunities are far better for students with university degree because it makes them marketable and give them access to greater social benefits. Firstly, majority of employers when hiring are looking for students with the university degree because this assures the employers that students are capable of learning new things required for job.

Secondly, it is widely believed that people with university degree tend to obtain a high salary jobs which empowers them to manage their finances efficiently. In addition, people tend to have better future savings with high salary and therefore, they can sustain hard times whenever there will be a downturn in the economy. Finally, they can also have right to use better health and retirement benefits, for example, health insurance and superannuation respectively.

Students are likely to gain self-confidence by involving themselves in various university activities. When studying at university, students learn with constant exposure to a wide range of different activities such as lectures, group discussion, research, presentation and other university activities. In addition, students increase their ability to analyse and solve problems, plan and complete academic projects. These activities encourage students to build their interest and explore new ideas, which also develop their interpersonal skills.

Nevertheless, students have the opportunity to work together with different cultures and groups and improve their communication skills, for example, students travel and explore different countries in exchange programs which open their doors to wider community, language and culture and help them to appreciate their society. All these factors help students to develop their self-confidence and make them stronger when stepping into a job market, which also give students an advantage over those without university degree.

University experience is another essential benefit of university degree because with university lifestyle students gain exposure to multi-culture and social milieu. Further, students make new friends and personal connections by interacting with friends, class fellows and people from different countries. Students also become open-minded when spend time with people from different ethos and backgrounds, which help students to accept people for what they are and see the world in a realistic way. Moreover, students acquire guidance and mentoring from their lecturers which help them to make wise future decisions and choose right career path.

Another advantage for students is to become independent. Most students need to manage their expenses while studying at university, for this they have to work part time to cover their university education and at the same time preparing for exams too. Therefore, university lifestyle helps students to learn how to balance their lives and become organised. These university experiences convert students from teenagers to grown-ups, help them to think liberally and prepare them to compete in the real world. To conclude, obtaining the university degree opens the door to wide range of opportunities for students and makes them marketable.

With university degree students are most likely to have high earning and they are able to achieve their personal and professional goals. The university degree makes students stronger to compete with others in a job market and help them to make informed future decisions. Moreover, for most students it gives grounding in social life and making contacts. Since, the university degree is an essential aspect of education, there should be free seminars that provide information about importance of education and how it will help them in long run. Word count: 654.

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