Validity, Reliability and Credibility

Information that is found on blogs, social media, net and .org are not always valid. Credibility is information or data that will have reference and resources. When it is researched you can determine the reliability of the data or information by its sources. The author or source of information will have validity from peers, journals etc. There was recently on Facebook, about 2015 taxes being delayed until October of 2015. There was many on the social media that was responding by sending to others.

The information that was sent seems to be from the IRS. Of course, because Facebook does not have credibility and reliability there was no validity. Researching the information that was posted from, National, which .net is neither a reliable source nor do it has credibility. Nation Report is an impendent news source.

Because there was about to be major turmoil, there was information posted on to get complete and factual information concerning 2015 taxes. It was stated on nationalreport,net website that, “starting n 2015 Federal tax refunds for the 2014 fiscal year are going to take longer for Americans to receive.

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A lot longer.” This is why it is important for a person to train their eyes and their mind to think, even be suspicious about web pages. The question that came up where is the server a commercial ISP, or provider hosting like .com or Also, the source of information for government information was not from a government website.

In our reading, page 128 chapter 4, “Evaluating Website Credibility: A Tip from the Professional,” says it is best to do our best in assessing features of any website before we consider information important.

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Internet sources should be completely avoided nor should information be immediately trusted. This is why the information on the tax situation was not taken likely or serious by all that read it. Yes, there was information about the taxes for 2015; it was taken out of content.


This is why any information or data that is acquired it should be validated, the credibility should be check and it should always be check for reliability. All that is found on the internet is not credible.


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Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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