Valentine’s Day Essay

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine day to me is a day full of love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a partner to share it with ,there people in your life that LOVE you like your mom, dad , brother , sister , uncle, aunt ,friends you have someone that LOVE you. And people you LOVE , we all live busy life & forget sometime to really show someone or some people that you truly love them not because you don’t want to, its just life can go by so fast it good to have at least one day to stop & think & spread LOVE. You don’t have to buy anything special flower , candy , teddy bear etc using your voice to say a simply i LOVE you & how much you are thankful to have them in your life & there LOVE. Flowers always die , Candy gets eaten , & teddy bear soon get in the way & are thrown away but the words you said are remember & kept in mind.

Words are so powerful. So don’t stress on getting the perfect gift if you truly love this person & they love you just as much all you need is each other , don’t stress if you don’t have a valentine or a boyfriend or girlfriend you could celebrate this day of LOVE with just about anyone you LOVE. The common saying is why don’t you show this person LOVE everyday why it has to be on valentine day , i understand that you should do that well at least make sure you say i love you cause you never know if that be the last time you could, were only human and tend to forget things & get over whelm with LIFE. I am sure you forget to show people how much you love them to the fullest everyday.

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