Vail Ski Resorts Essay

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Vail Ski Resorts

List and describe the types of systems described in this case study? Executive support systems: This system helps the Vail Ski resort to determine which lifts should be elevation and upgrading and which is the one that is always used by the customers. The resort can increase their lift speed so that more customers can enjoy the resort. This system also helps managers to create the marketing campaigns so that will make the customers to return, also helps the managers to analyse where to invest so they can get major return. Transaction Processing System: this is an informational scheme for the collection, storage, retrieval and modification of the transactions that were made by an organization.

They used this systems to collect basic data from the customers, like the number of skiers that are using each lift, the number of rental ski equipment, the number of meals that are bought in the outlet. Decision Support Systems: this is a computer based application that organics, collects and analyses the business data in order to facilitate the quality business decision making for management for the planning and operations. This also helps to adjust the maintenance schedules of the ski lifts. When this system is used the manager can have a better understanding of which ski lifts are used the most frequently. Management Information System: this helps the middle managers with the reports on the firm’s performance, to monitor and predict future performance. This also offers the customers to the rewards and promotions of the resorts.

2- How do these systems improve the operation of the business? Managers are in charge to collect database to make the right decisions based on the accurate date to collect in the information system, doing this enhances the quality and standard of the resort to attract more customers, and to increase the growth of the business. This can help to determine the type of customer is the target customer in their campaigns. The resort can focus on the target customer who had spent more money. That way the resort can provide more standard and quality of service to convenient the customer when they are in the Resort.

3- How do these systems support decision making? Identify three different decisions that can be supported by these systems. In order to support decision making we often use Marketing campaign, we will improve the quality of service or equipment, and the increasing of profit. With marketing campaign the Resort should find out a goal or orientation to be the target, The resort should find their target customer, for example the customer that had spent more money and they should find them and offer them discount or and promotions in order for them to continue to come back.

Improving the service and the equipment make customers want to come back customers likes the way they are treated and if the establishment is meeting the customers’ demands, for example providing the customers obtaining an accurate up to the minute lift line information, by using social networking. Improving the profitability, the resort enable to earn the higher profit to return the investment of the business, for example the resort are able to increase their attractiveness and provide better quality of service to satisfy the customer’s needs. The Vail Ski resort will become the customer’s first choice in compare to the competitors.

4- Why is improving the guest experience so important at Vail Mountain Resort? Guest experience is the most important at the resort this will help to increase the image of the resorts, improving those high quality services and improving the systems in the resort, the customers will gain the best experience on their holidays. This will help us because customers will share their amazing experiences to their friends and family, the power of word of mouth is very powerful, the image of the resort will increase. Improving the customers retention for example long lift lines always created a big problem for the skiers, to solve this problem Vail Mountain had create a system in social media so customer are able to obtain accurate up to the minute lift line information.

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