Vaccine Position Paper

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Vaccinating children is a huge debate right not across the board. For years now, there have been parents who have been opting out of state required immunizations for their children to go to public school. If enough people refuse and delay getting vaccinated, there is an extremely high chance that an infectious disease can spread throughout the community. Vaccinations are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration after being tested consistently by scientists, making sure it is safe to use for humans.

Even though vaccinations should be received, they are not all one hundred percent safe and effective because everyone’s bodies react in a different way. Although, the benefits strongly outweigh the risks. The first benefit is that it is cheaper to prevent a disease rather than to have to treat the disease. It would cost much more to pay for doctors or hospital visits, medications, and insurance. The second benefit is that by receiving a vaccination, it is not only protecting the individual but protecting the whole community and everyone around them.

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The individual has a less chance of receiving a disease which could have led to spreading throughout the community. In relation, the third benefit is by vaccinations entire communities can decrease the spread of disease. The health risks that are identified by the Institute of Medicine are the following: brain inflammation/acute encephalopathy, chronic nervous system dysfunction, febrile seizures, acute or chronic arthritis, or smallpox, polio or measles-like disease. These risks can be serious and deadly, but it is more important to be vaccinated because the risks are not always going to happen.

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There is a higher chance that if an individual does not get vaccinated that they could end up extremely sick, than an individual receiving a vaccination and having a side effect as one of the risks.

A lot of vaccinations require more than one dose. They require more than one dose because the first dose is not strong enough, requiring a second and, or third dose, or the dose wears off requiring another dose to regain the strength of it.

Vaccines work throughout the body by mainly using white blood cells, which fight infection. The three types of white blood cells are macrophages, B-lymphocytes, and T-lymphocytes. The immune system produces T-lymphocytes and antibodies. There is an imitation infection that goes away after the vaccination worked, and leaves the body with memory B&T lymphocytes that will remember how to fight the disease if it were to occur in the future. The memory B-Cells divide into plasma cells and make more antibodies. The memory T-Cells divide and grow into a microbe-fighting army. They are both cells that fight off the disease.

Personally, I would vaccinate my children. I think that the benefits outweigh the risks because I would rather pay for my children to be vaccinated rather than have to pay for their medical bills if they had ended up with the disease. I also believe that it is very easy to get vaccinated, and it does not take that much time to get vaccinated. I would vaccinate my children because I would want to keep my children healthy and not have the risk of spreading an infectious disease. Also, I believe that it would be more important for my children to have a low chance of getting a deadly disease than it would be for them to have a very small chance of one of the risks. Not only would I be keeping my own children healthy, I would be keeping others around them healthy too. I would be impacting other’s too with the decision to vaccinate mine. This is an easy way to prevent my children from getting sick, and I personally, think it is worth it.

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