Vaccine and Multiple Vaccines Safe Essay

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Vaccine and Multiple Vaccines Safe

Vaccinations are a big part of people’s lives. There are immunization programs for children that very much encourage vaccinations; starting them off early as steady, life-long customers. Years ago, when vaccines were first invented, they were made up of saline solution and the dead virus. Now, there’s so much more in the vaccine that most people don’t know about. The way that vaccines are made is unethical, from the ingredients, to the way the ingredients are collected. Many who get vaccinated just take their doctor’s knowledge of medicine for granted and don’t bother to research what’s being injected into their body.

Edward Jenner invented the vaccine in 1796. The original purpose for it was to protect people against smallpox. He noticed that even during the peak of the smallpox epidemic, the milkmaids never got the disease. After further research, he theorized that the reason why the milkmaids didn’t get smallpox was because they came in contact with cowpox while milking the cows. The cowpox strengthened their immune system against smallpox. Jenner extracted the liquid from the inside of a cowpox sore on a milkmaid named Sarah Nelmes. Next, Jenner found a farmer named Phipps and asked him if he could inject his son, James, with the liquid.

He explained to Phipps that if his theory was correct, James would never get smallpox. Phipps agreed. Jenner made two small cuts in the arm of the boy and poured the liquid from Sarah into the cuts. James came down with cowpox which lasted 6 weeks. After those 6 weeks, Jenner vaccinated him with the dried up pus from the sore of a smallpox victim. James didn’t catch smallpox. Jenner’s theory was correct, lucky for him. If he had been wrong, and James did catch smallpox and died, Jenner would have been considered a murderer. (A History of Vaccines)

When Jenner first invented the vaccine, it was purely the virus that was suspended in saline solution. Now, there are so many additives and fillers in vaccines, it’s no wonder there are so many rising health problems. One of the most shocking ingredients is mercury. Mercury is in a preservative called thimerosal, which is used in vaccinations. Even the smallest amount of mercury in a body can cause nerve damage. Symptoms of mercury toxicity are similar to those of autism. Another preservative is formalin which contains the embalming fluid, formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is the liquid that cadavers are soaked in to keep them from rotting while research is done on them. It is poison to the gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, immune, nervous, and reproductive systems. The reason it’s in vaccinations is because it stops viruses from replicating or reproducing themselves. Another shocking ingredient is genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial and viral DNA. This can incorporate itself into the recipient’s DNA and cause genetic mutations. Phenoxyethanol is used in anti-freeze as well as vaccines.

It’s a preservative that prevents bacterial and fungal contamination. Phenoxyethanol is toxic to all cells and is capable of disabling the immune system’s primary response mechanism. Aluminum is used in vaccinations as an adjuvant, which improves immune response. It can cause brain damage, and is suspected to cause Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and coma. Beta-Propiolactone is a sterilizing ingredient in vaccines. It is known to cause cancer and is poisonous. Probably the most horrifying ingredient in vaccines is the human and animal cells.

Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human serum albumin (the most abundant protein in human blood plasma), and animal cells from pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, and sheep blood. These are in vaccines because viruses cannot grow on their own; they must have a living host to grow in. (Interview with Sherri Tenpenny About Dangers of Vaccines – NaturalNews. tv) (Vaccination Education Center) This leads to the question, are vaccines cruelty-free? The answer is no, they are most certainly not.

The pharmaceutical corporations are okay with the abuse of animals. They purposely give animals diseases for research and inbreed them to the point of it being cruel to keep them alive because of all their health problems. The lab that harvests the cells from chicken eggs isn’t any better. They keep the chickens crammed up in a shed until they die from old age or sicknesses. The fertilized eggs are kept in constant light which is very hard on the chicks and makes them so weak that the chicks don’t even react when the lab technician “candles” the eggs to check their development.

When they’re through collecting the cells from the eggs, they freeze them and throw them away. Freezing the eggs freezes the chick alive on the inside. Sometimes, when an overabundance of eggs occurs, the lab technician doesn’t even bother to freeze the eggs, they just throw them away, killing the chick slower. If for no other reason, hearing about the cruelty towards animals should be the point where people decide not to support vaccinations. Vaccinations started off as good intentions but have been corrupted over time.

Children are dangerously overdosed. Neil Z. Miller, the author of “Overdosed Babies: Are Multiple Vaccines Safe? ” writes, “Today, children receive one vaccine at birth, eight vaccines at two months, eight vaccines at four months, nine vaccines at six months, and twelve additional vaccines between 12 and 18 months. The pure and innocent baby is overdosed with 38 vaccine/drugs by the time he or she is 1? years old! ” In an interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, she mentions the fact that the flu shot was not originally meant for children.

When it was first made, the drug companies deemed it dangerous. A little while later they realized they couldn’t put it on the vaccination schedule for adults if they didn’t have it on the vaccination schedule for children, so they added it. Now they have vaccination programs for children and even have children’s shows supporting them. All of the poisons in vaccinations outweigh the benefits. Is it really worth getting cancer, dementia, and birth defects just so that the flu is avoided? Harris L. Coulter, Ph. D. ays, “A major cause of the Roman Empire’s decline, after six centuries of world dominance was its replacement of stone aqueducts by lead pipes for the transport and supply of drinking water. Roman engineers, the best in the world, turned their fellow citizens into neurological cripples. Today our own “best and brightest,” with the best of intentions, achieve the same end through childhood vaccination programs yielding the modern scourges of hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, appetite disorders, and impulsive violence. ” The drug companies that distribute these vaccines are fully aware of what’s in them and their harmful effects.

They see it as job security. If the people that they give these vaccinations to get the impending side effects of them, they’ll go back to the doctor and ask for medications to rid them of the side effects. These medications will only fix that one problem and give them a plethora of other side effects. It’s a vicious cycle of expensive, dangerous drugs. Autism, for example, requires at least 5 different medications. Just one of these medications such as an anti-depressant, like Prozac and Zoloft which control anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder can cause many side effects.

Common side effects of these medications include sleepiness, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, rashes, headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, and weight loss. (“Top 5 Drugs for Autism”) Therefore, with all these side effects, doctors and nurses will always have a job. Even if parents decide not to get their children vaccinated, the children will still end up getting the harmful ingredients and effects of vaccines, because the aluminum, mercury, and other poisons, stay in the bodies of the parents forever and will be passed on to their children. Be it through breast milk or blood, the children will get it. Vaccines and Your Child) (“Overdosed Babies: Are Multiple Vaccines Safe? ”) Vaccinations, in my opinion, are surrounded with unethical practices and procedures. There are vaccines on the vaccination schedule that are not proven to be able to treat or prevent anything. The only reason they’re on the vaccination schedule is so that the pharmaceutical corporations can make more money and appear to be helping to make people healthier. Everyone should educate themselves on what’s being injected into their body and not just trust their doctor. Some doctors only think about the money and not really about what’s healthy for the patient.

For example, the doctor could know perfectly well that a vaccine was unnecessary or unhealthy for the patient but if there were going to be benefits given to that doctor; they’d give the patient the vaccine anyway. This is the reason why there are so many rising health problems. Animal cruelty is another unethical practice. The animal testing, the giving animals diseases for research, the unnecessary wastefulness of chicks, it’s all unethical and disgusting. I, for one, am definitely going to think twice before I vaccinate myself, and in the future, my children.

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