Vacations: Psychology and Family Essay

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Vacations: Psychology and Family

Picture yourself sitting on the beach. It’s a warm sunny day and the sun is beating down on you, warming every inch of your body. You have forgotten every itsy bitsy, as well as mega-problem back at home, your mind has been cleared blank from stress, and all you can think about is how amazing it feels to be lying on the beach doing nothing. People every year miss out on going on vacations. And yet, “getting away from the everyday grind,” for just a few days can set your mind free from all problems. Vacationing, then, is a catharsis. It improves one’s mental health, revamps relationships, helps people to become more productive, and it helps some find creative inspiration, too. People who take vacations are, also, more likely to live longer. Studies have shown that men and woman reduce their death risk when they take vacations. People every day are faced with an enormous amount of pressure at work. They have to worry about being fired or screwing up.

Their heads are on the line every second of every day and many even fret about being more successful than the day before. We’ve all heard the bossy boss saying, “But what have you done for me lately?” When these people take vacations, the fear of failure melts away. They do not have to listen to someone giving them commands of what to do. While vacationing, they get to be the boss and make their own decisions. An abundance of people who don’t take vacations are consistently tired, stressed, and depressed. They are worry warts. They never have any time for themselves. They do the same thing over and over again. There is nothing fun in their lives to look forward to. This causes them to think that their lives are pointless and boring. People who do not take vacations are stressed to the max, therefore causing them to sleep less.

But, vacations cannot help out everyone. Women and men who have a family they need to take care of, and have to feed and clothe, are always working to earn money to give their children the life they never had. Despite this huge pressure, the parents don’t mind so much the long work that gets their money and helps support the family. While going on vacations can help a person live longer, and improve their health, it can also bring family relationships together. During the week, most parents are at work. The children have after school activities. One child gets home at seven, the other child leaves at seven.

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