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Essay on Vacation Time

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My Trip to Remember

Meanwhile, another class were also having the barbecue dinner nearby. At that moment, the smartest guys in our class, Julius came out with an idea, which was to borrow the equipment from them after their dining. Fortunately, the idea worked really well. Although the barbecue became our supper but we still enjoy of it. To sum up the trip experiences, I would use the words: memorable, unforgettable ...

The Ideal Summer Vacations

The Bahamas specialize in coconut based desserts such as coconut tarts, cakes, puddings, pies. custards and even special ice cream. These desserts are very popular amongst visitors and natives of the land. Lastly, one should voyage on this trip to the Bahamas alone. Having family along is no problem, but when one is alone they will meet new people, create new memories and make new friends. Going a...

The Perfect Vacation Spot

The best thing about the mountains is being in the fresh air and away from the city air so full of pollution. The air is so fresh; you can never get tired of smelling the air. Smelling the fresh air in the mountains is like smelling a bottle of strong compelling perfume for the first time. With every swift of air that soars through the body it's like being in a whole new place, a different atmosph...

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Mountain Vs Beach Vacation

Regardless of where a couple decides to head off on their honeymoon, a phenomenal experience is guaranteed. Mountains and beaches have their own distinct qualities, and they are both great places to escape from the long and hard planning of marriage. The most memorable getaway, however, will come down to personal preference of climate, activity, location and grub. The ultimate question is, to bri...

The Best Vacation Ever

During the almost 3 hour wait, my friends and I took the time to watch movies that we brought along to pass the time. We bonded even more that night. It took a while but the tire was finally fixed and we were underway yet again. At last, we reached Texarkana! It was 6am and everyone was absolutely exhausted. It was all worth it though because we made the trip worthwhile. The trip to New Orleans wa...

An Ideal Vacation

After she unpacks her suitcases, she decides to go down by the pool and unwind. The resort staffs are there as soon as she has a seat by the pool asking “What would you like for lunch”. As she waits on the food, she takes in the beautiful view and the warm weather. Once the day comes to an end she decides to take a walk on the beach and watch the sun go down and think about what she has planne...

Reflection Paper “Retreat”

And as we we’re about to arrive it was so tired already and they didn’t even give us time to rest a bit, it was a straighten activity. We are just given time to went into our rooms and put our baggage’s when we we’re about to eat our dinner and a short time to fix our self then after it we went back to the session hall again and start up with the another activity. As I am about to finish m...

Vacations: Long Vacation vs. Short Vacations

Another merit that accompanied with the long vacation is that students can arrange a schedule to go to the remote areas, which can not be allowed by the short-time vacation. They can do as volunteers in the distant mountainous area where a lot of kids quit school for that they can not afford the tuition fee. Doing something like that can be really meaningful in their life's time. Or they can have ...

7 Days unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica

Rise with the sun and drink up that last fresh cup of Costa Rica coffee. It’s time to go home. As your private driver cruises along the brand new highway that leads from Manuel Antonio to San Jose, take these last couple of hours to enjoy the sun and watch the lush tropical countryside as it zooms by your car windows. Soon you’ll be back home in the winter wonderland. But you’ll be tanner, h...

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