Vacation Assignment Essay

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Vacation Assignment

Importance of Nitrogen
Problem of Nitrogen supply in the manufacture of Fertilizers Solution of such problem by Fritz Haber and Modification to it. Nobel Prize on it
Evil effect of Haber’s process in chemical warfare
Versatile personality of Fritz Haber in Chemistry and politics. [At least five pages]
All worked out examples from the chapters taught.
All the HESB questions from the chapters taught.
Solve all the HSEB questions of taught chapters from 2065 to 2070.

Compulsory English
1. Write a critical essay on ‘Change in the pattern of Dashain Celebration over the years’ in about 300 words. 2. Narrate the most special event that you experienced during this Dashain in about 250 words. 3. Write a few paragraphs on ‘Some Creative ways of spending long holidays’. 4. Write an essay on ‘Culture: Our Identity’ in about 300 words 5. Write a critical essay on ‘Student – Teacher Relationship’.

Prepare detailed and perfect notes on topics taught before 1st terminal Examination in Zoology and Botany separately.
Assignment must be handwritten.
Necessary diagrams must be drawn.
Assignment should be in loose bio sheets with proper binding. Date of submission on 20-21 kartik 2071.

1. State triangle law of vector addition. Hence find the resultant of two vectors and acting at an angle .
2. Write differences between the Scalar and Vector products.
3. What is elastic potential energy? Find the expression for energy density stored in a stretched wire.
4. Define . Find relation between them.
5. Find the expression for the centripetal Force (F) which depends on mass(m) of a body, its velocity (v) and radius (r) of the circular path by using dimensions method.
6. Find the expression for velocity of sound (v) in air if it depends upon bulk modulus(B) and density().by using dimensional Method.
7. Prove

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