Using Videotapes for Self-Evaluation in Classrooms

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Technology equipment in the classrooms is a big part of today’s schools. Videotaping self-evaluations of trying to improve teaching is a great idea, but what if teachers did not have the ability to access this type of equipment? There are many ways to corporate all of the students in the class. One way those teachers can improve their teaching skills without having a videotape is providing teacher assistances. Having a assistant teacher in the classroom is a great set of helping hand. By the teacher paying very close to the students on one side of the classroom, the assistant teacher will help assist accommodate the other students on the other side of the classroom. Another reason by having another teacher in the classroom is to allow the assistant to sit in the back of the classroom and just observe how the teacher conducts the lesson. The assistant teacher can jot down notes and when the class is over, they can sit down and discuss how he or she done did and the teacher assistant can make some suggesting of what can be done better.

Just reflecting on my own classroom experiences, I can recommend by having a successful whole-class discussions is by having classroom management, engaging topics, and involve all of the students in the class. Managing the classroom creates the learning environment to be active, social, and self-motivation. Classroom management also shows people that you know what you are doing and understand how a classroom should run. 

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