Using Multimedia to Visualize American Culture Essay

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Using Multimedia to Visualize American Culture

Culture, cultural diversity and multiculturalism constitute some of the most significant social issues in America today. Oriented around the core concept of culture and cultural groups, the course is designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts of culture and cultural diversity, and develop an awareness and appreciation for the full range of diversity in the American (U.S.) culture. Through the use of information technology and digital collections to learn about American Culture, students will study of culture, historic topics about America, general ideas about American culture, and specific aspects of American culture in order to gain a deeper understanding about America. Student investigations will produce educational and informational websites about American culture from which other can learn. Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will demonstrate the ability to: 1. Develop an understanding and appreciation about American Culture. 2. Identify specific aspects of American Culture.

3. Perform authentic scholarly investigations using primary resources about American Culture. 4. Create a “virtual” patch and webpage for a“CultureQuilt America” website 5. Use Internet resources in an appropriate and effective manner. 6. Enhance content knowledge about a topic through explorations of content-rich Internet resources and multimedia resources.

Technology Objectives
Students will:

1. Develop search strategies for locating Internet resources 2. Explore applications of technology as a tool for research, communications, problem solving and publishing 3. Learn to use multimedia (PowerPoint, Movie Maker (or Photo Story) 4. Create a Web site using GOOGLE SITES.

5. Plan and deliver a digital story that integrates a variety of electronic learning tools, multiple media, and American Culture 6. Plan and participate in activities that encourage lifelong learning and literacy development and promote equitable, ethical, and legal use of computer/technology resources Required readings: Online resources will be provided on Blackboard. You will read 2-4 resources each week and post summaries in the Blog Tool on Blackboard. Required text: American Ways: A Cultural Guide to the United States [Paperback] Gary Althen

Online Discussion–readings are grouped by topic. First read the introductory notes/online lectures on the topic group of readings. You will also need to use the course topic web links provided to help in developing your understanding and to access required course materials After you have read the assignments for the topic, go to the Blackboard site to post your 1-2 paragraph response to the discussion topic posted on the Discussion Board… Check into the online course (Blackboard) at least three days a week to see new announcements, check messages and view discussion postings and check your Lehman email regularly. All emails from me will be sent to your Lehman email. If you send me a message from a different email, I will respond to that email address. However, messages that I send to the entire class will always go to your Lehman address.

Blog Assignment—You will read at least two resources each week found in the External Links on Blackboard. Prepare a two paragraph summary of each resource you choose and post it in the ‘BLOG TOOL” (under tools) in Blackboard.

Course Expectations:

` 1. You will read required online readings (about the above topics) and participate in online discussions using Blackboard and blogs. 2. You will complete activities based on the topics of the week. 3. You will explore web-based resources and tools to create two web pages—one about your and one about an aspect of American Culture 4. You will prepare a two 2-page research papers with a bibliography on topics introduced in the course. MAKE SURE YOU USE ACADEMIC RESOURCES for your bibliography—at least 3 different sources. 5. You will write a one-page narrative of an interview with a person who lived during some U.S. historic era and its connection to American Culture. You will prepare a digital story based on the interview.. 6. You will plan, develop, and present a website about one aspect of American culture.

Course supplies: — active access to the Internet and Blackboard; a place to save all assignments just in case Blackboard fails. Course Policies

1. Using any other persons’ work without acknowledgement or proper citation is plagiarism and is not permitted (Plagiarize: 1. To use and pass off as one’s own (the ideas or writing of another. 2. To appropriate for use as one’s own passages or ideas from another. ) The assignment and/or final grade will be an F. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT COPY TEXT FROM THE INTERNET. I WILL DO A PLAGIARIZM CHECK REGULARLY.) Blackboard has a Plagiarism check called “Safe Assign”.

2. You are expected to be prepared to participate in all online discussions for assigned topics and to contribute to discussions. You can also communicate with me via email. 3. You may need to download some software for the projects. (EX. Photo Story 3.0) You will also need to get a g-mail account at Please do this by the first day of class. 4. Post assignments as you complete them for the due date not all at the end of the semester. All assignments will be submitted to the Course Documents area in Blackboard, the Discussion Board or in your Blog Tool at Blackboard. All assignments will go through a Plagiarism check which is part of Blackboard. 5. Enjoy the course!

Blog Journal

Each week you will read several resources from the list included in External Links of your choice and write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the resource and your reaction to the information and how it relates to your understanding of “American Culture”. In Blackboard you will click Blog Tool on the left
frame to prepare your blog. Once you are the Blog Tool click “New Entry” to begin posting. For future chapters, just click “Edit Post” to add on to the posts. Blog Entries: 10%

TEXTBOOK responses (in the Discussion Board) – 10% Class Activities = 15% (Online Class Discussions and Participation, Assignments) American Culture website 25% Digital Story(including research paper and interview narrative) = 30% Other short assignments = 10%

Weekly TOPICS: To be posted on Blackboard.

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