Using Lucid Dreaming to Visualize Career Goals

Conceptualize having a dream in which you are aware that they are dreaming. Imagine having lucid dreams, where your able to have fragmentized control over your dreams characters, setting, and plot. Lucid dreams are rare and can come to you naturally. but there are techniques that I have personally practiced to help me have these dreams. I studied the disadvantages and dangers of lucid dreaming before practicing but learned there really aren’t any. Once a week or once every two weeks, I would go into lucid dreaming by laying really still for 15 minutes and staring into the ceiling.

It took time for me to learn because it was really uncomfortable but I was able to get used to it. When Starting I would be lying still my vision would blur and I would feel a little like I’m fading out and would start seeing small substances, afterwards I would get too scared to continue so it took me a long time to get it right.

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When dreaming, your dream focusses on a deep thought. Like many other individuals I wanted to properly learn how to lucid dream on my own, because it gives you the opponunity to be in control of your own dreams.

Lucid dreaming gives you the ability to do stuff you wouldn’t be able to do in the real world. I used the practice of lucid dreaming to mainly practice my career goal. When people would ask me what I wanted to be as I got older, I would say lawyer but the responses I got made me doubt myself.

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People would tell me I couldn’t do it to just give up and don’t even try, and that came from people I cared about so it meant more than it should have to me. I would then constantly think about is being a lawyer really the way to go, is it somethingl am able and capable of doing. As I thought of that I research the skills it took to become a lawyer and reading those skilled helped me realized this is something I love and I am able to do. I shouldn’t just give up and throw away my career path just because people doubt me and telling me I can’t do it, if those certain individuals are not going to be with me in the next 5+ years of my life then their opinion doesn’t matter, In my government class.

I got to experience what it was like actually being a lawyer, and I know I wasn’t going to get a lot of experiences like that. My desire and love of wanting to be a lawyer are one of the reasons I chose to practice lucid dreaming, I wanted to have a waking dream of me in court prosecuting the defendant. After many times of failed practices, I was once finally able to have another court experience which was so fun for me. The thing about lucid dreaming if you can‘t get too excited, and you have to be careful or you’ll wake up from it.

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