Using internet for education Essay

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Using internet for education

Internet access has been increasing progressively over the past decade. According to www. internetworldstats. com estimated internet penetration as on June 2010, as a percentage of the population in the world is 28. 7 %, North America has the highest penetration of 77. 4 %, while Africa has the least penetration of 10. 9 %. , the geographical location of the institution will therefore play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of using the internet to solve assignments. The availability of the internet everywhere shall ensure that a high number of students can be able to do the assignment.

The students can be able to access the institution’s portal, digital libraries, e-leaning sites and electronic books among other resources hence fostering the proportion of the student potential. Furthermore, while some sites which are used for the assignment, such as journals require subscription, community and institutional libraries in to most cases subscribe to such sites, hence increasing the number of students who can do the assignment. In giving assignments that depends on the internet, there are several considerations to be addressed which include internet phobia, cyber phobia and fear of change.

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There are students who will they may be having internet access; they prefer legendary methodologies of researching and doing assignments therefore may not sufficiently do the assignment. Furthermore, the background of the students plays a role, where students may not be able to access the internet such as in cafes and libraries due to financial constraints. In addition, there are states and countries where internet has not been recognised by the laws and regulations as a means of delivering academic content, therefore dissident students may cite internet unavailability as an excuse and fail to complete assignments.

Considering the advantages offered by the internet as argued by Pittinsky, (2003), and the advances in technology which as ensured that internet is virtually available everywhere in addition to the fact that a very high number of students have been using the internet for social purposes, such as facebook. com and twitter. com, the gusto of using the internet for social needs can be applied on completing assignments, therefore in theory all students should be able to complete the assignments, and unavailability of accessible computers is not a limitation.

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