Using a Computer Every Day Can Have More Negative Than Positive Effects on Your Children

The ever increasing use of computers in almost all aspects of life has made it one of the most preferred elements in our daily life including that of our children. Its frequent and everyday use by children, however, raises questions on the positive impacts it has on them. It is argued by many that it is important for children to use computers more frequently. This is mainly because of it being used as an essential tool in supplementing their education and making their leaning process more fun and easy.

For example, children can use various educational CDs and the internet to do a number of their classroom projects and assignments more effectively. Besides, it would be foolish not to let the children know how to deal with computers in this modern technological age. The earlier they learn to do it, the better. Conversely, some believe that its overuse may be counter-productive.

They say that children may often get interested to addictive games easily available on the internet making them loose interest in studies.

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Also, this could obviously affect their health by being compelled to sit in one place for long hours leading to diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle like obesity. Moreover, children could become easy target of negative information like pornography, easily available on the internet affecting their social and moral life.

I personally think that the negative impacts due to everyday use of computers far outweigh its benefits. Although it can be used to benefit their education, overdependence could affect their ingenuity in knowledge processing.

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Also, though computer literacy has become necessary, its versatility could make children addicted to it in a way that they may fail to pay attention to their more primary responsibilities in life such as studies and acquiring of various social skills.

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Using a Computer Every Day Can Have More Negative Than Positive Effects on Your Children

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