Using a Cell Phone While Driving Essay

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Using a Cell Phone While Driving

Have you ever used a cell phone while driving? Is it dangerous or not? Using a cell phone while driving is common, but widely considered dangerous. We can’t imagine our life without using a cell phone. It is a part of our daily activities. We use a cell phone to make calls, E-mails, text massages, surf the Internet, to listen music’s and many other daily activities. Many of these activities take place while a person is driving. So, it is not only becoming a part of our daily activities, but also putting our life at risk. In my point of view, using a cell phone while driving increases the risk of accident. Using a cell phone while driving distracts our mind. Distraction is an important risk factor of traffic injuries. Suppose, you are holding your phone on your ear, listening to the conversation, and managing your car all at once. You’re not paying attention; you could miss a turn or not see something coming out into the road. This can be incredibly dangerous. Using a cell phone while driving distracts your mind obviously.

It can cause your eyes off the road, hands off the steering wheel and mind off the sudden situation that can lead a dangerous accident and consequent may be sport death. Moreover, if you are speaking on cell phone being on the road you can not notice all traffic signals, may reach too close to other vehicle and find it very hard to keep a regular speed. That’s why you must remove your cell phone from steering wheel and have to keep your eyes on the road. So, calling, talking or reading a message on cell phone while driving distract your mind that can lead an accident. Using a cell phone while driving decrease performance level of the driver, no matter how excellent you are at driving. Driving is a skill that requires full attention of mind to safely control the vehicle. A cell phone conversation reduces that skills and you may forget lane keeping and changing, traffic rules, signals and cannot control the speed of your vehicle.

One of my friend said that, he was almost killed on his motorcycle while trying to avoid being hit by reckless driver who was engaged on cell phone. So, talking on a cellphone while driving reduces the competency level of control the vehicle as well as increases the probability of accident. Moreover, if you texting message while driving, you require a lot of focus on writing because you are constructing sentences. Often while texting, your eyes will leave the road. This is very dangerous, as a result you can hit a pedestrian, another vehicle and other hazard in the road. Engaging on a cell phone while driving is very risky task. A cell phone can distract your mind and reduce your driving skills. It will grab your attention and can easily lead to an accident. There is no doubt, using a cell phone while driving put your life at risk as well as other.

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