Uses Of Laboratory Information Management Systems Essay

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Uses Of Laboratory Information Management Systems

An a scientific workplace many pieces of important data are being based around. The use of computers can now help by using specialist software called Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). A LIMS system is like an electronic filing cabinet with advanced security. It can allow data in any form to be inputted and shared with company’s customisation. Depending on the LIMS it can be accessed via a personal or company handheld drive (smartphone/tablet). There are various types of software available for storing scientific data but the most commonly used ones in modern laboratories are the following:

WinLIMS – is Laboratory Information Management System. WinLims creates LIMS a realistic option for even the smallest of laboratories. The following screenshot below is of WinLIMS, where it is showing the implementation of the data. http://www. lims-software. com/images/1/16/WinLIMS. ASP-from-QSI. jpg Picture 1 * Labsoft – LabSoft is well designed laboratory information management system (LIMS) that boasts built-in tools and the ability to collaborate with other digitised business systems (e. g. Order Processing, Data Historians).

LabSoft is a comprehensive feature set empowers to build an integrated solution that fully exploits laboratory data yielding higher quality. The following screenshot below is of LabSoft, where it is showing the graphs after the implementation of the data. In a scientific workplace it is vital and necessary to be able to safely store (meaning people inside and out of company don’t get hold off information they shouldn’t know)and then retrieve scientific data generated by that workplace and also data from other sources (scientific literature, for example).

Heads of department, deputies, and those working in the laboratories. Scientific apparatus Data such as date of purchase (for warranty and sell by dates), maintenance data (when a product was repaired of tested and the results of such test) and schedules for maintenance. Heads of department, deputies and those involved in the schedules. Waste disposal To show what and how much waste is produced and how it is disposed of. This can be used for health and safety reasons so that there aware were the staff are putting it making sure it can’t fall into the wrong hands or damaging the environment.

Stores technicians and those involved in disposal; heads of department may need to authorise costs of disposal. Health & safety checks To show that health and safety is being monitored and to hold accident reports if necessary. This protects the company so no false allegations can be made and if they are proof can be found to prove innocence. Heads of department, health and safety officers and possibly others who have special responsibility. Training records To know the level of training or qualification of members of staff, and to keep and maintain a record of training required and completed by staff.

This allows outside members to check to see the level that employers are trained as well as allowing employees to check for them self’s. Training officer, heads of department, supervisors, human resource department and individual members of staff. Quality assurance To be able to show that quality procedures are being carried out (for audit purposes). This protects the company so no false allegations can be made and if they are proof can be found to prove it meet the standard.

Head of department, quality officers and those with special responsibility. Report records Reports following tests for GPs or hospital records, or for use in developing new medicines, etc. This also allows you to search for past similar symptoms and treatment. Office support personnel will usually be responsible for recording results, with access needed by clinical staff (in a clinical environment); report records in this setting wouldn’t usually be subject to change by anyone.

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