Usefulness of Birth Order as a Construct Essay

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Usefulness of Birth Order as a Construct

I believe the study and awareness of a person’s birth order in the family can be useful information during certain researches. Everyone has a birth type, it is not shocking that many people have developed and understood theories regarding birth order and personality. Firstborn is the experimental child. They are held to a higher standard. They do not like surprises. They are natural leaders. Once in an interview Dr. Leman said “There’s not a firstborn living that hasn’t had their mom or dad say to them, I don’t care what she did, you are the oldest. (Walcutt, 2009)

Second born children are completely differently than the oldest. Middle children are usually secretive and often call themselves the black sheep of the family. The youngest child is very manipulative, outgoing, a people person. Younger children are often risk takers in life and are always up for a challenge. Only children are almost the same as first borns. Dr. Leman said they are little adults by the age of seven. An only child have downfalls, they do not get alone with other children their age very well, they rather be around older children or an adult that they can cling to.

They do very well in life, and they become very successful in the career that they chose. Your birth order can regulate the type of person you become. Birth order research has a large focus on relation to intelligence and educational achievement. Some research in this area show that birth order effects are inextricably related to family size. Your birth order can have an impact on the type of person you are, what type of companion you feel comfortable with and which type of job you will have.

No person is bound to certain traits just because of their placement. Each birth order had its own set of advantages and disadvantages. I am a middle child. I have an older sister, brother and two younger brothers. The two oldest were pretty close while we were growing up, and my two younger brothers are still close. I really was alone. The only time my parents paid attention to me is when I got in trouble. When I was younger I was always trying to be like my sister and brother because they were the first.

I was always told either you too young to act like that or you are too old to be acting like that. Being the middle child has more disadvantages than advantages. My parents always said, you will have to wait until you are the same age as your sister to get your hair like that, or wait until you are older like your brother to ride your bike in the street. I got my sister hand-me down clothes and we was not even the same size. Like I wanted to wear too small clothes that don’t even fit.

I often felt unloved and plane old lost. For a very long time I felt if I was adopted because of the difference that my parents made between me and my siblings. Now that I’m older I am ok with being the middle child. I look at many situations differently. I have great survival skills, and I am ok with being by myself. I guess my sister and brother had a lot of pressure on them because they were responsible for us when our parents were not home. I achieved more than any of my siblings.

I was always compared to my oldest sister. Why? I don’t know, we are nothing alike. I know I am the person today because my parents have practiced what they preached to me. They were much firmer with me, and I know the value of hard work. My family didn’t have the best and the finest of everything but I know we had what we need to survive. I know I am a functioning adult. My sister and brothers have showed me what original birth order behaviors are like. I have learned what to do and what not to do from my siblings.

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