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Useful Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking (retrieved on 26/06/2013)

This website provides some useful tips that should be followed to overcome the fear of public speaking. First, it instructs presenters to choose a topic that they are interested in, and try to know more about it than they include in their speech. Second, rehearse loudly with all the material that they plan to use and try to practice with a timer. Third, imagine themselves giving their speech with clear, loud, and confident voice, and visualize the audience applauding for them because that will enhance and boost their confidence. Then, they should arrive early to the room that they will present in and rehearse using visual aids. In addition to that, they should know the audience by greeting them when they arrive and address them because that will subside their nerves. Also, they should not apologize for any problem or nervousness, for the audience may not notice it. (retrieved on 26/06/2013)

Tips that are given in this website to handle the fear of public speaking are slightly different from the first one. First, presenters should know that the goal of their presentation is not to convey data, but it is to motivate and inspire their audience. Second, they should read a lot about their topic because the better they understand their subject, the less they will make mistakes. Then, they should practice many times and try to do it in front of people who they are comfortable with and ask for feedback. In addition to that, they should speak with conviction, for when they believe in what they are saying, they will convince their audience effectively. They should do some deep breathing before presenting because that will help them relax and mitigate their nerves. Moreover, they ought to prepare some stories because they will get their thoughts across much better than charts and numbers, and because they will make their audience engage with them. Next, they should know that the audience is in their side, and they want them to succeed.

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