Use of Temperature Monitoring System

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Texas is completely the hottest and most intolerable state in the whole country. This refinement has not been built up only by accord or legend, but rather by logical examination. right on page 50 in a little text called Environmental Physiology, a book written by and for doctors who study how we adapt—or fail to adapt—to things like climatic conditions.

Problem: The hottest temperature ever in Texas is record high, 120 degrees, was recorded in June 1936 in the town of Seymour and in August 1994 in Monahans.

The national weather service issued an outrageous fire threat cautioning in north focal Texas.

Elsewhere in the state, 61 fires continued to burn over 8,000 acres. Besides increasing chances for fires, parching crops and drying up reservoirs.

Solution: Temperature Monitoring System is an instrument that is capable to monitor & manage heat level in your fleet which is helps to get data from the device and show it in the form of analytics & reports in the front-end.

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Temperature sensor in vehicle tracking systems enables fleet owners to get real time temperature, location, status and history reports. These data empower to recognize area and status of each fleet, and guarantee appropriate temperature control. On the off chance that the organization realizes that there’s an issue with the refrigeration hardware, the truck can be redirected off its course for prompt checkup.

With the assistance of GPS fleet tracking, it’s something beyond the temperature inside the truck that can be observed. GPS tracking devices combined with fleet management software can enable drivers to choose the most optimize route while diminishing fuel utilization, also the various advantages of fleet management.

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Features & benefits of temperature monitoring system:

  • Real time temperature observing to guarantee the safety of resources in the cooler trucks.
  • mmediate SMS or email cautions when temperature goes past limit esteems and when vehicle strays from preset course.
  • Alerts when trucks go into unapproved area and if vehicle stops in unscheduled stops.
  • Prevent deterioration of temperature delicate burdens
  • Reduce risk and number of rejected products because of waste
  • Improved visibility on high esteem shipments through fleet tracking
  • Trip report with subtle elements of courses taken, stops and unscheduled stops.
  • Route improvement that spare both time and cash. Keen course arranging will decrease ineffective work and dispense with pointless fuel costs.
  • Your fleet manager will have the capacity to allot errands at whatever point they detect an idle vehicle. That way, you can expand the quantity of treks every day. More excursions mean more business.
  • Fleet management System will diminish paperwork by helping your drivers, dispatchers and managers get rid of all the paperwork as the system can consequently track and store the moment points of interest and present it in an easy to use shape when required.
  • Improve the safety of your drivers by observing your fleet progressively. If there should be an occurrence of untoward episodes, you can give assistance and support to your drivers. GPS fleet management system can likewise enable you to execute two-path correspondence amongst drivers and fleet managers.

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