Use of Mobile Phones in Class

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Use of Mobile Phones in Class


This report describes why mobile phones are necessary for students, and makes recommendations concerning ways, in which their use could be controlled.

The Necessary

It’s difficult to imagine our life without such products of the high technological progress as mobile phones. These small handsets give us an opportunity to be always in touch with people of high importance for ourselves. We can easily plan a day and business by making just a few calls or – via text messages. We can call the emergency if it is necessary or do our parents out of worry if we come home late. Also mobile phones provide us with abilities to record voice, video or take a picture, for example, of favorite English teacher or the blackboard with conversational formulas.


I could do with some essential recommendations for the use of mobile phones in school. 1. If pupil is in need to answer the call during the lesson, he should look up to classmates and teacher and quietly leave the room to avoid any of noise makings. 2. The sound of mobile phones should be switched off during the lesson. It concerns to teachers too. 3. If the phone of student suddenly rang, then it should be undoubtedly taken away by the teacher. And student can receive it back only after notification his parents in braking the rule. Probably some fine should be paid for that. Only this way students can pay more attention to their “mobile discipline”.


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