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Use of E Commerce Strategy

How could you use an e-business strategy to partner with suppliers

The CC Caf? can utilize online ordering arrangement with coffee and other food suppliers such as Salad and Jamaica Flour Mills that can build a good relationship with suppliers and promote CC Caf? once they pay their bills on time. Also CC Caf? can use e-business strategy by using emails to communicate with their suppliers. Moreover, communication online is an easiest and most convenient way for CC Caf? to reach their suppliers and buyers.

How can a Portal help employees

A portal, which is a central website like that allows users to access information through a search engine or a list of content employees may need. Employees can also use portals to access email, important updates, and information that may be important to the business production. A portal gives employees the ability to research accurate information on the spot. Therefore, a portal can assist CC Caf? staff to have access to and retrieve the family recipes for the baked goods and soup to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery of service to their customers.

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Also, a portal will help the caf? to keep up with their stock and equipment inventory and to ensure that the caf? never runs out of stock and safeguard against pilfering by staff. Furthermore, a portal can be useful to store employee and payroll and customer information on promotions.

Would you use a Kiosk in the Caf? Store

Yes, but gradually. The CC Caf? would first have a small non-electric kiosk where customers would have access to sugar, milk, honey, bamboo straws, and napkins for tea and coffee to be operated by an employee.

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Due to the fact that the CC Caf? have experience declined sales from over the years is pertinent that the CC Caf? encourage face to face contact and to be service oriented so that their can create employee-customer relationship to help the business grow rather than being sucked into virtual interaction. According to Ramakrishnan (2018) without face to face, we do not get the full picture what others are trying to say, thus face to face is vital to CC Caf? build meaningful and credible connection with potential customers to established trust and loyalty. Furthermore, the bakery and other food items that CC Caf? such as soup, salad, and their home made sandwiches may suffer due to lack of interest of customers, who may be only interested in the electronic kiosk. In addition, when CC Caf? becomes the one number caf? in Jamaica, we gradually introduce electronic kiosk for the tea and coffee in our caf?.

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