Use of conscription in North and South Essay

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Use of conscription in North and South

Use of conscription is a variant but frequently used thing when military is concerned. Both north and south in need of volunteers turned to conscription even if they were aware of the consequences of it. During the civil war, south were forced to use this conscript law a few months earlier than the north. The north seemed to be more adamant than the south and the age limits of the men who had to join the army were also different. In the north men of good health from the age of twenty to forty-five had to face this conscript law whereas in the south it was from eighteen to thirty-five.

Corruption had entered into the system and in order to be exempted from joining the military people offered money and it eventually started to be considered lawful too. As far as exemption rules were concerned north and south almost faced the same situation. Although conscription was followed everywhere in the world at that time but dissatisfaction was seen throughout. It was almost like forced labor and can be compared to slavery to some extent. Even after serving the army sincerely the soldiers were not allowed to go home or enjoy holidays. One of the rebellions serving in the First Tennessee regiment said,

Soldiers had enlisted for twelve months only, and had faithfully compiled with their volunteer obligations; the terms for which they had enlisted and expired, and they naturally looked upon it that they had a right to go home. They had done their duty faithfully and well. They wanted to see their families; in fact, wanted to go home anyhow. The war had become a reality and all the soldiers were sick of war and they were considered just like machines. Their pride and valor and gone and they were only interested in having holiday or get rid of this monotonous and tiring situation.

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