Use of Acronyms: Why YOLO? Essay

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Use of Acronyms: Why YOLO?

Acronyms, they’ve been used for ages, and it’s a lot easier to say PNF than it is to say proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Unfortunately, as digital communication has become increasingly popular in the past decade, acronyms are popping up quicker than untalented singers. As time goes on people have gotten more lazy and started using acronyms or shortening their words for nearly anything. Such as when you’re limited to one hundred forty or one hundred sixty characters, you tend to say things such as, “OMG I cnt w8 2 C U l8r LOL.” Yes, your message was understood, but it makes my eyes bleed, and Shakespeare is spinning in his grave like a beyblade. If I were to receive a text like that from a close friend, I’d be inclined to reply: LHTS and DBD. One of the most popular acronyms in this generation that bug me the most is YOLO, which according to Drake is “The Motto”: You Only Live Once. My feelings on YOLO range from disgust to delight, and the response is largely situational.

YOLO is nothing more than a statement of fact, but in social contexts, it’s used to rationalize behavior. This behavior is where I begin to have issues. When the phrase is used as justification for ill-advised behavior, such as when people say “I was so drunk yesterday, I don’t remember a thing. YOLO.” It’s much less frequent that you hear YOLO being used by people who are going above-and-beyond what they were planning to do. It’s not as often heard as, “Here’s my mission, the dream I want to accomplish, and I’m going to do it because “You Only Live Once.” It’s more common to hear, “I’m going to go make a fool out of myself, because “You Only Live Once.” It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m much more appropriate to support the health enhancing behaviors, and that’s what I want you to think about it.

Maybe it’s as simple, as “Hey, You Only Live Once, so maybe I should take care of my body and clean up my diet.” Perhaps it’s, “I’ve been sandbagging in the gym, and I need to step it up because You Only Live Once.” It could also be getting to school early to get your homework finished because “Hey, You Only Live Once.” You only live once; that’s not a surprise. Don’t use it as an excuse; let it be a wakeup call. It can very well be “The Motto” to live by, if you use to enhance your life, not to justify it. Spend your time with awesome people, doing awesome things. We make the simple things in life much harder than they need to be. Remember what’s closest to your heart, and strive to improve every single day. Remember, you only live once.

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