Usability Essay Topics

Intranet Usability and Interoperability

Much is written in management theory about dealing with or initiating change within organizations. Total Quality Management, business process reengineering, continuous improvement, teams, learning organizations, and systems analysis are buzzwords heard in planning departments of business organizations. An Intranet can significantly contribute to these goals. Intranet is a private computer network based on the communication… View Article

Online Bus reservation system

1-INTRODUCTION: Bus Reservation System is use for traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions become fast and there should not be any error in transactions like calculation mistake, bill generation and other things. It replaces all the paper work. It keeps records of all the bills also, given to the customers, so… View Article

Website Usability Analysis of

Introduction The internet has become the primary source people frequent when searching for products, information, conducting business, and socialization. It is truly the information super highway for all subject matter known to man. Internet patrons engage in online activity because it is fast, concise, and most would agree that their tasks are completed with success… View Article