US History Regional Differences of North and South Essay

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US History Regional Differences of North and South

It seems crucial, in this day and age, that we fully understand the conflicts that occurred within our very own country back in the early developmental phases of the United States. If you have done some traveling within our country you can see the differences with your own eyes but you have to wonder how it all came to be. The conflict of the Northern and Southern regions has had a direct influence on the development of our society in the U. S. nd continues to do so.

The South had a very difficult struggle with its social structure and resulted in a shortage of help and in turn resulted in the buying and trading of slaves who were forced to work on their large plantations. The result of the lack of agriculture in the Northern region gave the Southern some advantages and caused an increased need for trade. They sustained trade with Africa and Indians which is known as “The Triangular Trade”.

The South had more of a one-crop-economy which caused a lack of stability in their area since this was directly affected by supply, demand and climate. The Northern region was mainly prosperous, educated, and overall healthy in most cases. This was mainly due to the government that was put in place and the main focus of production and material items. The South did not have the same opportunities as the schooling was limited due to the spread out locations of the people and lack of funding for more schools.

Education is the back bone of success in the US. It is quite evident that having two completely opposite ways of life and thinking can lead to a direct influence to how each region viewed the political side of life. The Northern region had the anti-slavery expansion activists known as the Republican party. This group opposed the Southern states which had a dominant group as well known as the Democrats. Both of these parties exist today and are still very opposite in their concepts and methods.

I have witnessed the contrast between states myself. An example would be seeing the difference in my job when I transferred from Wyoming to Georgia. I got to see the opposition first hand. The climate, agriculture, religious views, poverty levels, education requirements and wages were almost the complete opposite. I honestly didn’t feel like I was even in the same country. It is amazing to see how our country has so many different viewpoints and lifestyles and how they all stemmed from the early history of our country.

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