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United States Army guidon the practice of carrying colours, requirements or Guidons, to act As described in Army Guideline 840-10, Chapter 6, US Army guidons are swallow-tailed marker flags in branch-of-service colors, measuring 20 in. at the hoist by 27 in. at the fly, with the swallow-tail end forked 10 in. Formerly guidons were made of wool bunting, and if functional, these older variations may still be used. Existing guidons are made from heavyweight rayon banner cloth. Old guidons show letters and numerals reversed as if printed through on the reverse of the guidon.

Existing guidons are made so that letters and numerals read correctly on both sides. In general, the following Army systems are entitled to guidons: lettered business, soldiers and batteries of programs and separate battalions; separate numbered TO&E companies; and headquarters aspects of groups, brigades, departments, corps, commands, schools and similar companies. In the last few years, the ongoing reorganization of the Army has caused the production of new types of units, e.

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g. Sustainment Brigades and Fires Brigades, but generally, their flags and guidons are of the pattern described above.

Guidon sevvies as a raling Point for troops, and to mark the location of the commander, is believed to have come from Ancient Egypt some 5,000 years ago. It was formalised in the armies of middle ages Europe, with requirements being emblazoned with the commander’s coat of arms. As armies became skilled and adopted set developments, each program’s capability to keep its formation was potentially critical to it’s, and for that reason its army’s, success.

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In the mayhem of battle, not least due to the quantity of dust and smoke on a battleground, soldiers needed to be able to determine where their routine was.

Due to the advent of modern weapons, and subsequent changes in tactics, Colours are no longer carried into battle; instead, they are carried in parades and reviews, and displayed in formations and ceremonies in remembrance of their former presence on the battlefield. The significance of the guidon is that it represents the leader of the unit. When the commander is in, his guidon is displayed for everyone to see. When he leaves for the day, the guidon is taken down. It is an honor, although sometimes a dubious one, to be the guidon carrier for a unit.

Sometimes he is simply called “guidon”, because of this. He stands in front of the unit alongside of the commander (or the commander’s representative, such as the first sergeant), and is the rallying point for troops to fall into formation In conclusion, the guidon is the military standard and has bin for thousands of years I see no reason to have personal feelings abort it a gudion is point of fact Military all services and countries use them personal feelings carry no baring in this instance

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