Urology Essay Topics

Bed Wetting: Boys vs Girls

Like chalk and cheese, boys and girls are different in so many ways and bedwetting is no different. Nocturnal bedwetting affects twice as many boys as girls. Experts are not exactly sure why but there have been medical studies done which suggest that girls tend to develop bladder control before boys. Dr. Michael Ritchey, a… View Article

Manage Continence

Explain how difficulties with continence can affect an individuals self-esteem, health and their day to day activities A person could be embarrassed and withdrawn because of their incontinence. It can cause them to be a loner because they are afraid to go out because of fear of leakage or accidents, which can cause them to… View Article

Success is about hard work and not luck

This is the case of 74 year old male patient heavy smoker (2 packs per day) presenting to the floor of MGH for the above chief complaints. History goes back to 15 days when the patient noticed 3 successive episodes of blood with urination at morning, one hour apart, painless ,of large amount, complete stream… View Article