Urban Unrest and Social Control Essay

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Urban Unrest and Social Control

In the reading, the author discussed various events that probably have led to or are the outcomes of disinvestments in urban communities. Such events were termed ‘unrest’ and it includes crime, gang associations, riots and social movements. Citing some studies, the author said that most of these types of ‘unrest’ were found in communities with a prevalence of poverty and violence. She mentioned the presence of struggles in the community which later on resulted to conflict.

Economic struggles are present when individuals would want to find alternative ways of making money because they have no work and or are frustrated with the small amount of money they receive from work. Political struggles are present when individuals feel that there is inequality in political power and feel helpless in national decision-making. A crime such as mugging a stranger for money in a street or a convenience store is one type of unrest. Individuals engage in this type of activity because they probably find it to be an easy means of getting money.

Another type of unrest is the prevalence of gang activity, where individuals join a group because of geographical or ethnic ties for either protection, social activities or economic gain. Problems arising from this type of unrest include inter-gang rivalry and turf battles. Riots or civil disorders are, according to the author’s citations, often brought about by inequality among race and class. Examples are the Miami’s Liberty City Riot in 1980 and the Los Angels uprising in 1992.

They include massive physical protest from individuals that often lead to some people ending up dead. Social movement is protest or an effort to bring about change by means of actions contrary to what is prescribed by the society. These include rallies conducted by civil action groups that, according to Castell (as cited by Kleniewski), are of different types such as collective consumption, community and citizen’s movement. It is sad that poverty and violence are correlated.

It cannot be clearly said that the presence of these types of unrest are effects of disinvestments in a community. It is also probable that the presence of these unrests is causing the disinvestments. I guess I agree with the reading, but I guess its high time to think about that the researches mentioned are in fact truths and that individuals should prevent breaking laws, even if situations are already frustrating. Works Cited Kleniewski, Nancy. Cities, Change, and Conflict: A Political Economy of Urban Life [enter: City of Publication: Publisher, Year. ]

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