Urban Renewal Essay

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Urban Renewal

What comes to mind when the term Urban Renewal have for people when mentioned? Turns out there are mixed feelings about this approach; many are for it meanwhile others are very much against it. This act alone can help build up cities but destroy lives in one swoop. I for one have mixed feelings when it comes to urban renewal, I both understand and agree with the overall mission of it but at the same time think about who suffers on the other end of this reconstruction.

First off, what is urban renewal? In simple terms, this is a process of tearing up and clearing out inner city slums and places as such to rebuild and make the city look nice for the richer folks; the good old out with the poor and in with the rich. In definition terms this is the process where an urban neighborhood or area is improved and rehabilitated. The renewal process can include demolishing old or run-down buildings, constructing new, up-to-date housing, or adding in features like a theater or stadium. Urban renewal is usually undergone for the purposes of persuading wealthier individuals to come live in that area. Urban renewal is often part of the gentrification process (Business Dictionary). This idea sound very nice and appealing but how is this affecting everyone else who can’t afford the nicer things in life?

When a city has been approved for this renewal process many homes and communities of the poor is being destroyed in the process. This destruction is forcing many to find new homes and move away from that area period because of the process. The city area is essentially being built as new to make it look nice once again, and when this process happens prices will enviably skyrocket especially on housing of any form to support the construction of the new city. When a place is cleaned up and prices rise, who will end up moving in? The so to speak business people who can afford the finer things in life.

The city is occupied and flourishing, morale is up and the city never looked any better; but what happens to those who could barely afford to live in the slums, which is now a flourishing city? They are forced to move onward to somewhere else where they can afford to live. Unfortunately now nobody will take any pity on these poor individual and families and no second chances are given, either they try to raise their standards and blend in with the new crowd or move elsewhere and be forgotten about. When this process happens it affects thousands of people and it creates an urban sprawl for wherever they tend to settle.

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