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Urban Myth 09 Essay

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It was a cold night with a strange breeze in the air. The roads were filled with a slight feel of tension as the man’s car drove over the frosted motor way. The smart business man dressed in an expensive suit was coming home from work and drove peacefully along the road with not a single worry in the world. He was making his way down a long motor way. The further he seemed to go the colder he began to feel.

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He felt the cold air coming in and touching upon his polyester suit even though the windows were tightly shut.

He was listening to his favourite radio station when he suddenly heard a loud ‘crrrrrrrr’ sound blast out from the radio speakers. The radio automatically shifted to another music station one the man had never heard before, spooky opera music began to play from the station. It shot out from the radio speakers and surrounded him in the car. The man was momentarily startled then looked down to change the station. On that second he sensed something and looked back up at the frosted road.

He gazed upon a young women dressed in an immaculate bold red dress. She was madly close and standing directly in the middle of the road. Without a doubt the man immediately applied the handbrake and stopped with a thunderous skid. As the car stopped the woman was directly in front of bumper. The man looked her straight in the eyes in astonishment as the young women didn’t look one bit bothered about nearly being killed by the car. The woman slowly raised her arm into a hitchhiker’s position to ask for a lift home.

The man automatically told her with hand gestures to come inside the car; he was scared she may want to file a law suit against him as he had nearly killed her. He thought that if he gave her a lift home she would not do anything against him. The woman was breathing heavy and with every breath she took misty air seeped out from her mouth onto the front windscreen. As the man began to drive he started to examine the woman from the corner of his eye. She was wearing a sleeveless red dress and looked as if she was going to a party.

The man tried to make small talk with the women but got no reply, not even a facial expression. The woman was completely silent and only made noise when taking breathes. As they made it down the road and started to approach the houses the woman began to shiver. The man took off his jacket and gave it to her. She slowly took it without speaking and quickly put it on. Her house was not far from where she was, the young women pointed towards the house and the business man parked up outside. As soon as the car stopped the woman slid quickly out of the car and ran into the house.

The man thought to himself how glad he was that she was not going to file a law suit. He then realised the women was still wearing his expensive jacket but could not do anything as he did not want to disturb the household she had already entered. He then heard loud shouting coming from the house but thought nothing of it and drove off. The next morning the man came back to the house to this time hear the same spooky opera music he had first heard when he encountered the strange young woman on the road. The man parked up the car and got out.

He approached the door and knocked; the knock sounded echoes throughout the house but could not compete with the sound of the creepy opera music. The music suddenly went off and an old tired looking woman slowly opened the door. She looked very surprised as if no one had knocked on her door for many years; she immediately asked the man what he wanted. The man explained to her what had happened and her daughter or relative perhaps has still got his jacket. The old lady took the man inside and made him feel comfortable as he sat down.

She explained to the man how her daughter was murdered brutally on her prom night and thrown into a river not far from the house 20 years ago by her boyfriend as she was coming home. She told him everything in detail about how she was wearing a beautiful red dress and her favourite opera song she use to always play whenever she was feeling upset. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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