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Urban Forest Essay

In New Orleans an urban forest can be created in the Bayou Metairie at the City Park. This is because this region is located in the mid city surrounded by the waterway of Bayou which is from Lake Pontchartrain in the North part of this park. Once in history this region was filled with Oak forest and a great swamp which was used for canoeing. However this region came to a downfall after the city of New Orleans floodwalls which also led to the inundated of the riverside area the Metairie Road also referred to as Hoey’s Basin.

There also existed the Metairie Ridge which held the swamp water, the region is very romantic as we can see that in the past it was used by the Creole gentlemen to perform their “affaires d’honneur” before it was handled over to the city and declared a public park. This park suits best place for an urban forest as the park is interlinked with the main transportation railroad bridge which is ahead of the partial diamond interchange within the Metairie Road in the west of City Park Avenue.

The city Park Avenue extends and ventures eastwards to Canal Street in the south and also to Canal Boulevard in the north. Another concern and interest about the City Park is that it is among the largest and the most visited park therefore it is a national attraction site . Again the region has a capable potential for development as for one it is managed by the City of New Orleans and operated by the state agency i. e. the Louisiana Department of Culture Tourism and Recreation.

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For its management and control there are sufficient funds which are generated through self generated revenue, users fees and donations, government support. To add on this region supports the growth of trees and plants which shall act for natural beauty within the city through the stabilized ecosystem thus attracting more and more visitors to the site What types of trees would you plant in this forest? Consider the uses of the forest in your selection. Be Specific. Trees that are planted on urban forests have got some major characteristics that enable them to adapt to the urban environment.

In choosing the types you need to consider factors such as soil type, as it contributes survival, growth and health of trees for our case in the city park the area is moderately fertile thus variety of species can survive. Light is another necessity to consider in choosing the tree type as different tree species requires differing amounts of sunlight for them to perform. Other factors are temperatures and space. Therefore several types of trees have been seen to fit within the urban forestry of the Bayou Metairie at the City Park.

Trees such as Willows, Maples and Junipers species can best fit in the region because of the stability of the soil to withstand the aggressive roots which penetrate deep underground. However these types of trees cannot be planted on the sideways of the roads as their roots damages the laid roads e. g. the pathways leading into the city park. Thus alternative trees can be planted on the pathways such as Bonsai species, Norfolk Island fine and Ficus species which can be planted in containers, tubs and pots.

The species of live oaks have existed in the city park for over two hundred years but the current situation is that they have greatly declined. Therefore the live oak tree should be planted in the region as the tree is very unique and evergreen . The species acts as an attraction to views because of its sculptural spreading form, lateral lambs which grow to almost reaching the ground. Another type of tree which can fit in the region is the bald cypress tree.

It can perform well in the wet soil of City Park, its roots grows above the ground in order to obtain oxygen, it is evergreen though at time acts as deciduous as it sheds off its leaves thus turning from green to copper, to orange then brown thus making it among the autumn’s best colors before the needles and twigs finally fall. The advantage of this tree is that it can also be clipped to a formal hedge thus producing a wonderful soft screen of it or hedge. The species also fits in the region as it’s among the trees requiring enough space and if planted in groups at the city park they can make a great screen landscape.

Other tree species to plant are like Acer campestre (Hedge Maple) which can be able to tolerate the urban conditions ,and easily adapt to dry soil, pollutants from the cities and it is resistant to major pests and diseases. The Acer ginnala(Amur Maple) can be planted along the paths of the parks as it is small multi stemmed tree which provides a beautiful hedge and it can tolerant to shades which might be experienced from the large trees. Others such as Crataegus phaenopyrum (Washington Hawthorn) trees which are broad ovate with less branches can be planted as they produce fruits and very beautiful flowers.

Some also which produce fruits are such as Crataegus viridis ‘Winter King'(Winterking Hawthorn), Amelanchier x grandiflora (Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry) and Amelanchier laevis ‘Cumulus'(Cumulus Serviceberry) in addition which has got a single trunk thus can provide a timber and wood. Urban forests have many benefits from pollution and noise abatement to aesthetics and parkland. What uses would you assign to your forest and why? Urban forests are of great beneficiary to both the urban environments and communities either socially, economically or environmentally. First my forests are for climatic purposes.

This is where the trees shall help in cooling the rising temperatures within the city through the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions which are released into the atmosphere by absorbing it. By so doing they reduce the rates of global warming. The planted trees within the city park shall serve the energy needs for the city requirements. For instance the industries, hotels and restaurant, schools and hospitals that depend on firewood for fuel shall benefit from the urban forest as they shall be granted permission to cut the grown tress and use them condition that they plant new ones.

The forest shall act as the water catchment for Lake Pontchartrain and promote the rivers water quality. They shall also help in reducing the arising storm waters. These trees in the forest are there to act as the city’s air purifiers as they absorb various gases released e. g. by industries and auto mobiles and in return the release oxygen. They also help in reducing the smog and in intercepting some of the airborne particles. Another importance for the forests is the purposes of health especially the public heath for the people within the park and city.

This shall be achieved through the frequent access by the people to the trees and green spaces thus encouraging or promoting various physical activities and in so doing they are able to reduce stresses and asthma due to exposure to the clean air. The urban forest shall serve for the risks management of species e. g. animal or tree species, those that are threatened like in the rural areas can be transported here for a close monitoring. In so doing this reduces them from interference and becoming extent. Not forgetting that some of our trees produce fruits, they act as food producers for both humans and the wildlife.

Finally the trees also give a natural habitant for the wild animals. In return to them being wildlife centers they attract tourists and individual groups who come to visit them in exchange for money which is used for their maintenance and improvement. Discuss What Care And Maintenance Would Be Needed To Support This Site. Frequent inspection of the forest, this helps in knowing the conditions in this ecosystem e. g. of the trees, for instance it ensures there is continuous healthy growth through identifying several hazardous defects in trees and come up with mitigation measures.

This action also helps in identifying the poorly performing species and their impacts to rest of the trees therefore giving a suggestion on what action to take e. g. pruning , replacement or removing it. Pruning is an important act of care and maintenance. This involves the removal of the unwanted parts of the tree. By so doing it helps in health maintenance and appearance, plant size control, enhancement of the flowering and fruiting process e. t. c. Pruning is also of vital importance in training of young trees as it prepares them to strong adult trees.

Practicing aforestation, this involves the planting of new trees in areas where they have been cut down within the forest. This is greatly encouraged to the forest users who should in fact plant two trees after cutting one. This ensures that the forest population is well maintained over time. Conservation practices should be carried out in areas that call upon in the forest. For example in a sloppy area within the forest soil conservation measures can be done to prevent the soil particles which are held by the roots of the trees being carried away by the run off, thus exposing the roots and leaving the area bare.

The growth of trees in the forest can be enhanced through the practices such as mulching, watering, staking hedge trees, fertilizer application. These provide favorable conditions for the trees development. Disease control practices are another maintenance activity. This involves the use chemicals for example to control some tree species diseases, reduction of some weed growth and spread within the forest. Diseases could also be caused by pests and therefore need to get away with these pests either through the use of chemicals or use of biological means such as introducing friendly insects to the forest that feed on them.

To enhance good look the practice of cabling in vital, this involves installation wires high above the canopy. This allows the tree branches to provide a strong support to each other. In addition bracing can also be used whereby large bolts are installed within trees to prevent them from splitting open. Explain What You Perceive To Be The Greatest Difficulty In Creating This Urban Forest. Financial challenge is the greatest factor towards creating this urban forest within the city park.

For first the proposed forest plan requires a very heavy budget for all the necessary procedures and practices, which range from tree purchasing, transportation, materials and equipments, workers wages, implementers salaries e. t. c. This proves too be a challenge because the sources of funding are limited as the forest isn’t yet established. For instance the available funds for implementation are only got from the municipality of the City Park, and non governmental organizations donations. Therefore with the inadequate funds this leads to reduction of costs like for management thus limiting achievement of the planned programs for the forest.

The care and maintenance of this forest requires proper trained personnel therefore due to financial problems, proper training and the appropriate workforce shall not be put in place. In addition lack of funds limits the expansion of research activities that could extensively lead to realization of new ideas about the forest. Another major challenge is data and information collection about the city park. Most of the information available within the municipality of City Park is incomplete and limited.

Thus getting the appropriate information required a lot of research and analysis for example on the climatic conditions of the area, the tree species which fit best, soil type e. t. c . This limits in coming up with more comprehensive planned programs for the urban forest in order to achieve an amazing natural landscape and heritage zone.


Campanella, T. J. (2006). “Urban Resilience and the Recovery of New Orleans. ” Journal of the American Planning Association. Gulf States Policy Institute: Santa Monica. http://www. wikipedia. org

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