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Urban Economic In Hong Kong Essay

Hong Kong is a developing country that has provided undergone the urbanization and it is said that the process cannot be reversed. The government of Hong Kong has participated in settling people and solving issues such as land ownership and the colonial ruling that took place during the colonial period. Despite their efforts the market forces have warned that resettling people from urban to rural is not possible. This is because the urban slums have now become permanent and they pose a heavy burden to the economy. This means that the resettling people in permanent structures or in rural areas are hard.

Bourne’s theory that points out that the existence of a development continuum in urban space will create market force in a suitable environment. According to Blumenfeld’s wave’ theory, and Boyce’s examination of density it states that market forces in the right environment creates fluctuations and urban expansion. There are reasons as to why the efforts by the government to resettle people back to rural areas have turned sour. This is because the government put much effort in developing urban areas than they did in the Greenfield location and this caused urbanization. People left much land in the Greenfield for development.

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This led to the development of slums and population to increase in urban centers. Urbanization was existent in 1960 and this is when the government declared projects to erase the slums. They also wanted to upgrade the slums and later the project was suspended and deleted. The period between 1960 and 1980 was when the coordination of the programs failed. This is because the government failed in reviving the old urban areas for people to settle. After 1980, the government looked for a new strategy for settling this people. It was focused on public redevelopment projects, funding the projects and also coordinating and implementing the schemes.

They wanted to develop the old urban districts and the found them. They incorporated both private and public sectors. They decided to form a corporation in order to have merits of the private and public sector, have market sensitivity and have planning and organization. The land Development Corporation was formed in 1988 with HK$100 loan fund from the government. Their roles were: identification of locations for urban renewal, prepare schemes that would be outlined for redevelopment, acquisition of land for redevelopment and finally work with any private developers in the process of redevelopment.

They later failed in the redevelopment. This is because the UK and UDC had a lot of support for economic and political tasks and this gave them control of these projects. (Bundey 1988: 290) The other reason why they failed is because they had zero control on developments and legal powers over land. Finances was also a problem because the government did not fund them and those who would affected by the schemes. Those who did not generate income moved to slums that had poor quality environment. Another reason was that it mainly focused on making profits.

This is because it was a private company and was supposed to conduct its business in order to be able to pay the loan that was granted to them. The proposals that they wrote found them difficult to implement because they were commercially oriented. According to Bartone 1991:414, LDC’s redevelopment projects that were completed were devoted to commerce, instead of units that were residential. The other reason was that urban redevelopment was characterized by a wide range of social as well as economic impact on residents. This means that they could not compromise on the objectives of the government.

Conclusion The government had no intentions of redevelopment of the old urban districts. This is what has led to de urbanization and as a result land in the urban areas has become scarce. The government made minimal efforts to save development. Also the efforts by the government were purely for no financial commitment. This has given the reason why Hong Kong has no improvement on the environment. This has forced people to move to Greenfield locations in order to develop markets. According to Barrig 1991:69 people have started to move to these old urban districts in order to develop markets.

Market forces dictate that supply is dictated by demand in a good environment. Market forces are also determined by the demand of people. Since people are moving to better environment it will be perfect for market development. The government has now realized that developing these old urban towns is essential in opening up the rural areas and it could be done by creating market forces. They have currently funded the businesses that go on there ant provided loans to the private developers who have shown interest there.


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