“Up In The Air” Reaction Paper Essay

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“Up In The Air” Reaction Paper

Travelling around the country to fire people out of their job is what Ryan Bingham works all about. As he travels in different work places, the time and efforts that he rendered to talk and to fire different employees, his travelling expenses, foods and lodging allowances were all paid by the company where he belongs.

Suddenly, his life was changed because of the arrival of Ana Kendrick, as she offers the company a new ways for their business conduct to improve more than before and it is an information system designed for the company’s’ operation. This information system will lessen the expenses of the company and through this the company can fire people without travelling from place to place. Due to this, Ryan Bingham faced the prospect of being grounded from his work.

Nowadays, information system has a great impact in business just like in this movie. Information system gives improvement in business activities and operations, helps to lower the expenses, increase the profits, improves services to achieve quality service and business can also achieve a competitive advantage. As we can see in this movie, a change in the way how the business operations and activities will be conduct is not easy to implement. It will be a trial and error basis. The business will conduct an experiment if it is suited for the business and also overcoming resistance to change can be the hardest part of bringing new technology and strategies, just like bringing the information system into the business. Many plans may have failed because managers and employees were not prepared for these changes. If the business can overcome these challenges and problems it will result to increase their competitive position in the market.

We can also see in this movie that the company Ryan Bingham belongs to, involved with downsizing the employees of other companies and the company that has contracts with Ryan Bingham’s company involves with outsourcing because they are contracting with outside professional services to meet their specific needs. Downsizing helps to drives down wages but if the one who will fire the employees will only use an information system through the use of internet and with the aid computer web cameras, it will lead to low morale of that certain employee and it will affect them psychologically. That’s why we should use information system correctly depending upon the purpose and time because technology sometimes can cause destruction to others if it will not be used with caution.

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