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Unusual Practice Essay Essay

Essay Topic:

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In this essay, we try to study the unusual practice, which is found in United States of America. Recently, there has been great increase in desire to wear some ornaments in parts of the body like tongue. This practice is referred as oral body art. However, this is done by piercing some parts of the body. During the beginning of 20th century, it was not very popular among the people of America. However, recently, it has become widespread practice among people to pierce their tongues, nose, ear and other parts of body with needles.

After piercing their body, they insert some jewellery into their body. This is considered as part of new fashion era. Piercing the body has become widespread among the American youth in the 21st century. Piercing practice is done by using a needle to pierce a part of the body such as tongue, lips, and ears or any other soft part of the body. Usually, this is done by self-trained professionals.

While doing so, they do not use anesthesia. This means pierced object remains almost permanent part of the body. This practice is also known as oral or body art. They are in the form of metal studs.

This practice of piercing needles into the body is found among some of the tribes of India and Africa. It is also found among the tribes of Indians in America. Due to contact with Indian tribal practices, it became popular among the Americans. Perhaps due to dissemination of knowledge regarding these tribes, some Americans might have taken interest in this unusual practice. Some Americans pierce their tongue with needle. However, this practice has led to certain undesirable consequences to the society and culture of America. This practice has resulted in certain complications related to health.

Those who followed this practice have suffered from problems such as trauma, fractured teeth. However, the youth have great craze for this practice because of the peer pressure. After piercing the body, they keep some metal items in their body. This practice has been criticized by many physicians since it is unhealthy practice. This shows that the present generation is changing. This has given shock to the earlier generation of Americans. This practice is also found among some westernized people in other parts of the world. Perhaps this is part of the global cultural pattern.

This practice indicates the interest among the people for cosmetics. It is believed by some sections of population that by piercing metals into tongue it is possible to attract the opposite sex. This may give heightened sexual pleasure to the sex partner. This means that there are some sexual connotations connected with this unusual practice. For the sake of sex, some people are ready to bear any pain and other consequences. This unusual practice implies the importance given to sex, pleasure and enjoyment by the modern generation of American society.

This section of people wants some change in their practices and fashions and thus they resorted to piercing metals into their body parts. This will create close affinity among those who follow this unusual practice. This practice indicates the psyche of some sections of American population. This represents the changing definition of culture among the American youth. This practice among American youth may be considered as representing the revolt of youth against the traditional cultural norms of American society.

This revolt is due to lack of direction among the youth. This means that the youth are confused, as they do not know about their future course of action. The very fact that the American youth have decided to take up new practice of piercing indicates that the youth have lost belief in earlier values of American culture. People with body art can be associated with undesirable habits like alcoholism, drug addiction and crimes, although there might be few exceptions. This demonstrates that body art symbolizes decay of American culture.

Hence, we may suggest that this practice believed in non-orthodox philosophy. An attempt is made by the American youth to redefine the cultural symbols and practices. This practice has disturbed the social peace and harmony. This is because it has denied due respect to traditional cultural values of earlier generation of America. The unusual practice of body art has disturbed the status quo of American cultural pattern. It has disturbed the balance in the society. It has further led to emergence of problems like drug addiction, crime, and alcoholism among youth.

The fact that youth have taken up this practice indicates the youth need guidance. Nevertheless, those youth who took to the body art did not have belief in earlier values like religion, traditions, etc. This has resulted in unnecessary conflict between traditional cultural values and new cultural pattern of youth. Hence, this may be considered as a disturbing practice. There are certain negative consequences of this unusual practice. These negative consequences are denial of traditional cultural values like religion, importance given to habits like drug addiction and alcoholism.

Another negative consequence of this practice is that it is not a good model for the future generation of Americans because it encourages other habits such as drug addiction and alcoholism. This has led to increase in crimes committed by the youth. There is need to provide better model for future development of American society. Health problems created by this practice are its another negative consequence. Conclusion Although this practice was not very popular earlier, in the recent times, many younger generation people have decided to follow this unusual practice.

It has several negative consequences including social and cultural complications. This practice can be considered as questioning of the traditional cultural pattern of America. The attempt to revolt against established cultural pattern is also due to feeling of fear and insecurity. This is because of the fact that youth have lost their faith in traditional cultural values. This is the attempt to establish their identity in the homogenous society. Therefore, it represents the identity crisis among the youth. There is a need to prevent increase of this unusual practice among the American youth.

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