Unskilled Workers Must Learn English Essay

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Unskilled Workers Must Learn English

The article “Unskilled workers Must Learn English” is chosen, because it reflects current political and economic issues related to the Arab word. Furthermore, the article provides data presented to persuade readers that the problem has to be resolved. The author is rather persuasive, because he uses results of previous researches, received data and logical arguments to defend their position. The purpose of the article seems to enlarger readers’ knowledge about situation in Arab countries, especially in UAE, because this country tends to be the most powerful in Arab world.

Actually the article is of great importance, because it aims at making people aware of current policy and rules. The article is really worth reading, because the problem of unskilled workers affects not only UAE, but also other European countries. Apparently, the article provides new information and thus should be carefully examined. For example, the author says that skilled workers will be imported to UAE from Thailand, though the labor exchange agreement hasn’t’ be signed yet. Current UAE’s policy is trying to find proper ways how to organize the flow of labor force into the country.

However, UAE wants skilled workers to know basic English and to be aware of rules existing in the country. In order to determine English level of workers special committees will be sent in India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. Concerning rules, it is seen that ministry is going to provide booklets and will educate worker who are going to work in UAE. The country strictly says that worker with too poor English won’t be allowed to work in the country. However, these rules are applied to Asian workers rather than to Arab workforce.

Actually, the number of workers to be brought into UAE is still unknown, though it is known that import will process with accordance to new rules. Certainly, this article refers to “Legal, Technilogy and Political Forces”, because it deals with legal aspect of labor workforce (basic rules) and aims at providing overview of current policy in the country.


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