Unsafe practices Essay

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Unsafe practices

5 people died due to neglect. The main one being a nurse/carer gave the wrong dosage of warfarin to a resident which resulted in the lady being hospitalized and her MAR charts being falsified to hide the mistake, as the carers knew that if the hospital had seen the original MAR charts would have resulted in a CQC inspection and possibly the home being shut down. Nurses would shut door when residents were shouting for help. That resident could have been shouting for any number of reasons but the staff chose to shut the door and not investigate. They put a lady on the toilet and forgot about her, which could have resulted in a serious accident or worse. They also used parcel tape to hold a bandage in place, which when removed could cause skin tears or bruising. The only reason anything came of this is because a carer/nurse left the home and became a whistleblower after she had found 28 separate drug mistakes had been made in one night shift and she was asked to shred the MAR charts for the wafarin incident.


People with learning disabilities were left alone for long periods of time even though some of them had a history of self harming. Staffs were found to have been verbally abusing the residents and one male member of staff physically abused a female resident. These people ensure their trust to carers thinking they are going to get the best possible care. The manager should ensure there is enough staff to cover each shift as night shift was found to be understaffed possibly causing safeguarding issue.

An audit showed lack of staff training, lack of planning sufficiently for care of older residents, limited access to activities and poor provision of food and drinks. All of this comes under physical abuse and neglect it also isolates them from bonding together due to the lack of activities so the abuse would go unnoticed for longer as the residents weren’t mixing together and building friendships. As for the food and drinks the residents are entitled to choose what they want and when they want it otherwise it falls into the category institutional abuse

In all of these incidents the residents have suffered numerous kinds of abuse which isn’t acceptable. If staff were unsure of what to do they should have asked for further training or guidance.

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