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Unredeemed Captives Essay

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Unredeemed Captives

Slavery is an inhuman practice that was very common in the olden days and was undertaken by many societies globally. Captives used to be captured probably as an indication of victory during the war and the capturers that would be their masters eventually enslaved them. The exercise was taken as a normal routine despite the violation of human rights and the lack of recognition of fellow human beings. In many instances the enslavement depended on the race whereby some races were considered to be superior to others.

            Depending on the society from which the captives came from some of them were redeemed and taken back to their original place. This was mostly done in the process of setting the captives free. Although Christianity was in some parts viewed to advocate for slavery, it however, contributed in various occasion in matters that pertained in captives freedom. According to Ebersole, G. L. (41) non-Christians were in most cases enslaved by those who termed themselves as Christians.

In 17th century war broke up in Europe, which involved the French and New England. During this period of war the French and the Indians struck the Deerfield’s people and captured some captives from England and slew others after they attacked them by surprise. Heavy damage to the property and livestock was witnessed on that specific duration.

When the war ended after sometime, some captives were rescued and went back to New England but others did not go back, they remained in the land where they were taken as captives. Various reasons dictated the circumstances under which the captives determined their way back.

For instance, some female captives were already married by Indians, which definitely made them not to go back to their country at New England. On the other hand some male white captives attempted to marry the Indians ladies in order to convince the Indians that once they go back to New England they would become natives of that country. These assured them that they would be released and return to their country. Therefore the race contributed a lot to the redemption of the captured brethren of New England.

            Religious aspect also contributed a lot to clear definition of the meaning of captivity and the slavery especially when related with the origin of Christianity. Considering the preaching and the testimonies carried out by some people like John Minthrop, regarding the captivity and ancient stories especially the once narrated in the bible, he attempted to convince Puritans that they were God’s people and that punishment from their wrong doings would drive them to captivity (John W. 53). It was during this era that there was high rate of religious converts, which was originating from the New England. It later spread to the North American.

From the belief that New England captives were taken by the Indians as captives due to the wrath of God, many people felt the need to check their status that involves their behavior in order to bring the redemption of the captives. They somehow associated themselves with God. The concept of religion therefore influenced many individuals in the new England colonists to have the understanding that the captives had the right to live according to the plans of God and that they should be set free in order to live like other human beings.

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