Unnoticed morale leads to wrong motivation Essay

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Unnoticed morale leads to wrong motivation

I. Statement of the problem
“Unnoticed morale leads to wrong motivation”
– The problem that arises for me is that the owner of the company made a mistake that he did not noticed the attention of the morale of his employees will be affected and so employees of this company lead to wrong motivation.

II. Areas of Consideration
– To know the cause and effects of problem this are the factors that I have been seen base on my research.

1.) Giving commission incentive
2.) Employees’ rivalry
3.) Uncontrolled competition

III. Analysis of areas of consideration
– here are my explanations to the area of consideration
1.) Giving commission incentives
– When Stephen Townsend the owner of the company decided to energize his staffs by giving commission incentives his employees become motivated and it all goes to the plan of the owner so that his company can gain higher sales,but as times go by his employees are become aggresive to the incentives that may have given and so tension to the company began to arise.

2.) Employees’ rivalry

– The employees of the company suddenly change the mood to their jobs because of the incentives that has to be given,the sales staff that has once cooperated to one another began to have conflict to each other and so competition to the company have started,employees of the company also became reluctant to help out on other tasks.The problem is that each members of the company are becoming hot to look out to be the number one.

3.) Uncontrolled competition

– Because of the undermined morale and increased divisions among people and departments, Townsend soon realize the mistakes he have done to his employees but the competition of the employees become worst they will work together for them to get the reward that has been offered to the company and so employees rallied to that goal. The problem is that how will the competition be ended and are there ways to change back the employees’ morale.

IV. Alternatives Courses of Action
– Here are my some suggestions to solve the problem.

1.) At first giving incentives to the employees is a good way because it somehow goes around to the rewards and may give motivation to tge employees,however when rewards are too much it may lead to competition to prevent this to happen the company must made the rewards moderate and also it must be considerate. One factor is that the company must have contentment it means the owner must be contented to what his or her company can get.

2.) To avoid the competition in the company the company must give a fair trait to all his employees,because the morale of a person is important hence, the attention to your people are the keys of the owner to make his company productive. Productivity is also cause of cooperation because when each people help each other both of them may pull their selves upward and so it important that both people have cooperation.

3.) The company must first set the goal for the employee to understand what he or she must done because when the staffs decided their own goals just to get what they wanted there would be a chaos and may lead to misunderstandings.

V. Recommendation

– In my alternative courses of action I probably recommend #2 because cooperation of employees are important to businesss industry,hence,working together without thinking who will be the best is a way to lead towards good outcome,might as well as productivity for me this is the outcome of the employees who cooperate each other to put theirselves upward and so the problem of increasing sales will disappear.

VI. Conclusion

– I conclude that increasing rewards is not the best solution for the company to increase its sales,instead paying respect to the morale of employees and cooperation are the keys to increase the company’s sales and also be satisfied on the earnings of the company,money is not a blessing that we should pleased of but maintaining one’s wealth is satisfied.

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