Unlike golf where a special course Essay

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Unlike golf where a special course

There are many social benefits associated with the game disc golf which are both personal and communal, despite the fact that it can be played alone. It is of great social benefit because it can be played by anyone; adults and children and by both genders; male and female, playing together in one game.

Unlike golf where a special course must be prepared, disc golf is more advantageous as it is easy to play and can be organized and played anywhere because the designs of the courses are simple These courses are all over rural America as they can be found in beaches, in open fields or even in forests, increasing the chances of accessibility to the rural population who stand no chance for the more elitist end metropolitan golf or tennis which must be played on a specially prepared course (Disc Golf). Disc golf provides opportunities for quality recreation, which also attracts visitors and it protects the existing valuable natural resources.

It has the benefit of preserving and promoting the unique character of the local community using the available resources that are limited economically; hence it is cheap to organize. The fact that its eighteen-hole course takes hours to complete is an excellent opportunity for recreation in terms of valuable popular pastime. The nature of disk golf courses does not distort or change the local landscape and the existing ecosystem. The serene rural atmosphere gives to the locals who engage in this kind of sport better quality in terms of life compared to their metropolitan counterparts.

Players of disc golf are provided with benefits that are tangible, intangible as well as unique. The psychological outcome of the game serves in motivating people to participate and this leads to change in conditions such as improved health besides other benefits based on the general community (Maryland Disc Golf). One area of advantage in disc golf is the low cost of constructing a course. One hole takes the community between 500-1000 dollars. This is far much cheaper compared with the cost of constructing the course for regular golf or a tennis court. The locals are thus able to get recreational and health benefits at a low price.

Besides, there are no incurred maintenance costs as in tennis or regular golf. Disc golf has led to an improved environment in several cases. Some areas which used as dumpsites have now been converted into disc golf courses, for example the De Laveaga Disc Golf course found in Santa Cruz, California, which was previously being illegally used as a dumping site for trash. All trash was removed and a disc golf course was created. The rehabilitation of some of these areas which were being misused is an excellent case of environmental conservation occasioned by the emergence of disc golf.

These areas have become self-sustaining as a result of the funds brought by disc golfers who play here (Rules). This form of sport also has the benefit of revitalizing parks that are underutilized and whose facilities are deteriorating. Some parks which were being used by criminal gangs for outlawed activities are increasingly being turned into disc golf courses. Local communities have taken the initiative of developing new disc golf courses in these areas which were otherwise being used for activities that were destructive to both the environment and the morals of the general society.

One such example is in Richmond, Va, whose local park had been taken over by drug dealers where they would transact their deals. This made the area a high risk-zone for locals who could not undertake anything recreational there. A considerable decrease in crime-rate has been reported since the establishment of the course. No more drug deals and vandalism has been reduced substantially, all courtesy of the disc golf course. Bad omen in and around the park has been replaced by good character.

Disc golf is not confined to the above named benefits alone. It comes with social benefits too. Families can go on a trip, an outing or a picnic to the local park and participate in group golf activities by playing together, although one can still play disc golf alone. Mini-tournaments and contests are held weekly by area disc clubs. These leagues which promote socialization by bringing together members, new as well as old, who then are presented with an opportunity of sharing experiences (Vegas Golf Specials).

The sport provides people who live in the rural areas an alternative way of spending their spare time usefully instead of engaging in some non-beneficial things like drug taking and robbery. Morals are preserved as more parks are built in areas which were otherwise being used by street gangs and drug dealers who, by association, spread their vice to the local communities (Rules). Disk golf is non-exhaustive compared to other games therefore anyone of any gender or age is able to play it.

This is also attributed to the fact that the impact of the game is relatively low, therefore weaker people such as women and children are able to actively participate in it and get its full benefits. The sport is an activity of a lifetime necessitated by the fact that a player does it at the pace that they are able to. It is not strenuous. This adds to the game psychological as well as physical benefits to those who engage in it as it only takes one to walk a course and then throw the disc. Carts are foreign to this game (Siniscalchi & Pierscalla, 2005).

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